Bakers Twine Tea Cakes

In need of some easy, fun and inexpensive tea party decorations? I have some adorable tea cakes fresh out of the oven, ready for you to put your spin on them!

These are all the rage in Baby B’s new nursery… follow my recipe below to whip up your own today!

First, you’ll need styrofoam balls, bakers twine, mod podge, appliques, and cupcake liners/cups.

To start your cupcake’s swirl pattern, it is easiest to hold it in your hands, pinching the swirl to stay put as you build it up.

Once it is bigger than a quarter, you can glue your circle of twine to the top of your styrofoam ball with some mod podge, and continue to wrap the twine in a circular fashion around the ball.


When you’ve wrapped the ball almost all the way down, mod podge the end of the twine to the ball, and add a healthy dollop of mod podge to the bottom of the ball.

Place in cupcake wrapper/cup and let dry.

Serving suggestion: pairs perfectly alongside milk in a mason with a festive paper straw!

What are YOUR favorite play tea crafts? I need more!


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    holy crap, Courtney!!! that didn’t take long to do at all. How do you do it with your hands so full with the little people? I heart you!!!


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