Make an Infinity Scarf in 5 Minutes!

Make an #infinityscarf in just five minutes! This is the easiest tutorial for fun, fashionable circle scarves! No advanced skills- you just have to sew a line.

Fall is coming- and it is time to start thinking about fun, fashionable scarves. And the ultimate fall accessory is the infinity scarf! InfinIt ity scarves, or loop scarves are easy to wear with any outfit and are even easier to sew quickly! That’s why I LOVE this way to Make an Infinity Scarf in 5 Minutes!

It only takes five minutes to sew an infinity scarf, and only very basic sewing skills- even a beginner sewer can make this project!

The best part is you can make this into a summer scarf with thinner fabric, a fall scarf with flannel, a winter scarf with wool, or a spring scarf with cotton!

 UPDATE- 11/4/12- for step by step picture instructions, please see this updated pictorial post HERE.

While this is a quick craft, it is almost entirely based on sewing. However, we are just using a simple straight stitch, so it is totally a beginner level project- and your seams won’t be visible, so have no fear!

To make this scarf, you’ll need one yard of fabric- or you can get an even longer scarf with 1.5 yards.

We are basically going to be making a long fabric tube. It helps if you picture it that way during the process! First, fold your fabric in half so that you have the longest length possible. Cut down the middle of the fold so that you have two long strips.

With the right sides (outside) of the fabric facing together, straight stitch the two long strips together at one end (see the seam in the middle of the pic below?).

Sew an infinity scarf in five minutes! Really- this is the BEST tutorial for circle scarves. Just sew a straight line!

Fold down the ends of the fabric and straigtht stitch across so that you have two finished ends (the top of picture, below). Then fold the fabric in half one more time- inside out- so that your strip is skinnier. Straight stitch down the open side to complete your fabric “tube”.

Sew an infinity scarf in five minutes- really! It is so easy to get a super stylish circle scarf- just sew a straight line.

Turn the fabric tube right side out, and quickly stitch up the two ends of the tube so that you now have a circle.

Easy infinity scarf instructions at - just sew a straight line. It only takes five minutes!


There you go! You will want to make two loops with the scarf when wearing it. If you have fabric that is a little longer than a yard, you can make a scarf with three loops- making it really full.

Now for the hard part- to give it as a gift, or keep for yourself?




  1. says

    Wow! Your scarf is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this 5-minute infinity scarf tutorial. Infinity scarf is really good, especially during the winter season. How I love to have this for myself and as a gift for my friend and for my family. Hehe.. which is the hard part as what you said in this article.

  2. says

    I was crafting with a thrifted sweater (oldest son was making fingerless gloves with the sleeves for gifts) and I cut off the torso (belly to hem) of the sweater. My 6 year old (fashionista in the making!) came along and put it over her head to make an awesome instant scarf!! All her 1st grader pals want one and I blush when i tell other moms what it is. But my daughter loves it!

  3. Sandi says

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that a seller on Listia is using your image for this scarf to auction instructions to make this scarf. I noticed you said all your images are copyrighted so I didnt think you’d be too happy with someone using your pictures as their own. I reported the seller but Listia couldnt take action unless original owner of the photos contacted them. The link for this auction is here:

  4. Melissa says

    I just made a couple of these and ran out of fabric. I freakin LOVE them and want to make more for quickie gifts so I went to my linen closet and grabbed some mismatched flat sheets and viola! Instant free upcycled fabric! Just thought I’d share. This TOTALLY saved me $3.99 a yard in fabric AND a trip to town! FYI the higher the thread count the better. Don’t attempt with 200count, you’ll be disappointed.

  5. diane says

    A foreign exchange student had a similiar scarf made of a slinky knit but instead of making a tube she fringed each edge and that was cool too!

  6. jan jones says

    Oh wow! I just had an awesome idea to make this even easier, and hopefully less expensive. Go to the thrift store and find a pair of flannel pj pants. Cut off legs and sew them together to make long tube. then turn inside out and stitch to make it all one width (some parts of the leg are wider than others.) Then turn right side out and sew ends together.

  7. crysta; says

    are there not in fact 2 seams on this scarf? 1 because you sew the first 2 separate pieces together, and another because you complete the circle?

  8. Molly says

    Love this scarf! Can’t wait to try it, I wonder if hand sewing will make a difference? I don’t have a machine but I don’t mind taking longer to make something. Still a little unsure of how you folded and sewed to get the length? I’ll have to reread, I’m still new at sewing!

  9. Emily says

    What type of fabric did you use? We bought just regular fabric and we are not getting the same look as your scarf has?

    THANKS : )

  10. Keli Wiehn says

    Not clear on how you finish the ends and make into a circle?? Do you fold in half and sew together ends? I can’t tell on your finished item?

    • says

      I did just assemble it by sewing the two sides together. When you wrap the scarf around your neck, put the seam against your neck and wrap the other layers on top of it- you wont see a seam. You could also use a few applications of liquid stitch.

  11. Kimberly Deur says

    Ahhh! The Infinity Scarf! My daughter LOVES these and now I can really fix her up….birthday & Christmas coming! Thanks for such a simple idea and directions!

  12. malinda says

    Why did you cut the material lengthwise instead of just folding it and sewing the one long open side? I’m a bit confused on your “fold again to make skinnier” part too. Are there more detailed pics? Thanks.

  13. Gayle Weed says

    LOVE this scarf! I have a new sewing machine and have only used it a few times, so I’m looking for cute and easy things such as this! I am excited to make it for myself and as Christmas gifts. I didn’t see anywhere, however, how much material you used….I probably just missed it, but I went over it a few times and still did not see it.

    Thanks a million, you did a great job with this!

    Gayle Weed
    = )

  14. says

    Stopping by via TT&J. I made a dozen of these infinity scarves using plaid flannels and gave them as Christmas gifts this year. I’ll be sharing them on my blog tomorrow. Great minds think alike. :~)


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