15 Easy Bake Sale Recipes

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15 easy recipes to rock the bake sale!

With school back in, its time to start thinking of the numerous fundraisers all year long. My favorite? The bake sale! I love bake sales. You can help the school and sample tons of delicious treats. But let’s not lie- bake sale prep can be daunting. And it’s awful to sit will unsold goods on the table. This year, check out one of these 15 easy bake sale recipes that will help you rock the bake sale table at your church or school!

1 thought on “15 Easy Bake Sale Recipes”

  1. My brother’s band does so many bake sales for fundraisers! I’m already signed up to bake for 2 of them lol. Thanks for the round up this will make life so much easier!

    ~Meaghan from DIYfaerier

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