20 Minute Blackened Shrimp Stir Fry

20 minute blackened shrimp stir fry


I love easy, quick and fresh dishes I can throw together in minutes and not really have to think too much about.

You know what I mean… the standby dish you can count on when you’re rushed, frazzled, or just want something that seems impressive but only takes a few minutes.

This, friends, is my go to quick dish. It is so delicious and so adaptable (toss it in tortillas with a little queso fresco for fish tacos! add to a fresh salad with a lime dressing!

For this delicious and incredibly easy dinner, you’ll need:

1 large onion

2 bell peppers- green, red or yellow

1 pound uncooked shrimp (shells removed- I buy them shell on because they are less expensive- just thaw and remove the shells).

2 tablespoons (or more, to taste) Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Blackened Seafood Magic seasoning

olive oil or unsalted butter


First off, halve your onion, and then slice into long thin strips.

Cut long thin strips out of your peppers, too.

Using a heavy pan (I like to use cast iron or a nonstick skillet), heat oil or UNSALTED butter. (The salt really does matter here as the seasoning has salt in it!!)

Toss onion and peppers in the pan when oil is hot.

Stir occasionally to be sure they dont burn.

When peppers are a bit soft and onions have slightly caramelized, toss in peeled shrimp.

Add seasoning and toss to make sure it distributes evenly.

Cook shrimp to opaque and grab a quick bite to test the seasoning. If you’d like more, add it a little bit at a time.

You can also add some cayenne pepper to give it a nice little kick.

Garnish with fresh lime wedges and enjoy!

shrimp stir fry only 20 minutes and is delicious! Perfect for tacos, salads, fajitas or just as a meal for 2. You can also put it in a grill basket and cook on the grill!

This is awesome over salads, in tacos, or just on its own. It is summery and delicious- the perfect quick, healthy meal!


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