25 Perfectly Paleo Dishes


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[tps_header]25 Perfectly Paleo Dishes[/tps_header] – these delicious, versatile, fresh and unprocessed foods will get you inspired to take your paleo, gluten free, ketogenic or whole 30 diet to the next level!

Some of the desserts listed are great- in moderation. While the paleo diet tries to eliminate excess sugars, most paleo experts say it’s ok to eat some of the more sugary fruits sparingly.  Additionally, there are a few recipes that might require a minor swap depending on your own sensitivities. If you are particularly sensitive to cheese, skip parmesan listed in a few. If you can’t do heavy cream, or ghee, skip it! These are meant to be a great guide and give you inspiration for your weekly meals- adding ingredients and swapping out ones you don’t like will help you find what works for you and keep you on track!

I’m always trying to find more foods to push me back onto the clean eating bandwagon, so please leave a link to a great recipe you have below!


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