4th of July Polka Dot Cake

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4th of july polkadot cake- this is the easiest fondant to use!

I don’t know about you, but summer months to me mean entertaining, hanging out with friends, and an undying devotion to everything red, white, and blue. I absolutely love the festivities surrounding the 4th of July, and I made this simple, cute cake that you can easily whip up before a big bbq or party. This 4th of July Polka Dot Cake is simple, easy, and so cute! You can have it decorated in under 10 minutes, even as a newcomer to fondant!


quick and easy American flag cakes

Ever want to try fondant but think it will be too hard- This cake is a great place to start! Takes just 15 minutes!

You’ll need:

-Decorators Preferred Fondant

-Wilton red-red food coloring

-Wilton Royal Blue food coloring

-foodprep gloves or plastic baggies

-Wilton circle fondant cutter (or a mason jar)

-any large frosting tip

-chilled cake

-2 cups buttercream icing


First, you need to start off with a fondant covered cake.

You’ll need to start out with a cake that has been covered with fondant- or you can also use my method for creating a faux fondant look out of store bought icing. For complete information on how to add fondant to a cake, please check out my detailed instructions here!

Once your cake is covered,

First, we need to color the red and white fondant.

Grab about 1/4 cup of fondant, and roll it into a ball. Wearing gloves (or put the fondant into a plastic bag, and squeeze the bag to knead the fondant without staining your hands), add good coloring and start kneading it into the fondant. Add more coloring to get a deeper color as needed.

When fondant is the color you’d like, roll it out on the fondant prep/measuring mat. If fondant is extra sticky because of food coloring, sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar onto it and knead it in.

Roll out a circle of fondant to your desired thickness with a fondant roller. The roller helps fondant not stick like it might to a rolling pin- and really helps you control thickness. If you’ve had problems rolling fondant in the past using a rolling pin, you need to try fondant rollers!

I prefer slightly thicker fondant for simple designs like this.


You won't believe how easy it is to add fondant to a cake- and this stuff actually tastes good!


quick and easy 4th of july polka dot cake

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