5 All New Valentines Color Combinations

5 all new valentines color combos

Tired of the same old red and white for Valentine’s Day? Want to take this year’s decor up a notch?

I am showing you my 5 favorite new color combinations for Valentine’s Day. There’s no reason to keep to the same old same old- this year kick up your love for color with some splashy, classy and fun new ideas!

I’m also spilling my favorite ways to use these colors- as gift wrapping, balloons, tablescapes, bouquets- or any other fun way you can think of.

Which ones will you be using this Valentine’s Day?

Alternative Valentines Color Combos 1


Alternative Valentines Color Combos 2


Alternative Valentines Color Combos 3


Alternative Valentines Color Combos 4

Pin away and be sure to share your color combos on the Sweet C’s Facebook page this season!

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