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make your summer sweet with the best giveaways recipes and crafts to beat the summer heat!

I’m so excited to bring you my new summer series- Make Your Summer Sweet! This summer I asked some of my absolute favorite bloggers to help celebrate everyone’s favorite season- summer! We’ve lined up some awesome crafts, recipes, DIY projects and more- and some AWESOME giveaways to help make your summer a little more sweet. And I’m super excited to share the first giveaway- I’m giving away one of my favorite items for summer fun- an instax camera! Be sure to head to the bottom of Amber’s crazy fun post today to enter and win!

Please help me welcome Amber and be sure to check out her awesome blog! And don’t forget to head down to the bottom of the post to enter and win for a fun camera!

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Hi Sweet C’s Readers! Do you know that Sweet C’s is the first place I ever guest posted when I first started blogging 2 years ago!? I am happy to be back! This is Amber from Crazy Little Projects where I share all of my crazy little projects from sewing to baking, fun with kids, printables and more.

Courtney’s summer series theme, Make Summer Sweet is so perfect, because to me, summer really is the sweetest time of the year. And one of the sweetest things to me is summer reading. So…to fit with that theme, I’ve got a VERY quick and easy sewing project for you. It’s a bookmark that won’t fall out. It should take an experienced sewer about 5 minutes to make. Even a beginner can pull this baby off. I promise!

Super Easy to Sew Bookmark

It wraps around the book so that even if your kiddos pick your book up or if fall off your night stand, you won’t lose your page!

Bookmark Tutorial: Make a bookmark that won't get lost.

And, to make it ever more fun, I made mine reversible. So I can have a different bookmark depending on my mood.


Want to make this? I know you can do it!


Easy Bookmark Sewing Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • Scraps of fabric
  • Small piece of elastic (mine was 1/2 inch wide but really, most any width will do)



Cut out 2 pieces of fabric that are about 3 inches wide by 12 inches wide. (Really you can various this if you want-depending on how big or small you want your bookmark.)

Cut your elastic about 8 inches long.

Sew your fabric with right sides together. Sew up the two long sides:


Turn it right side out and press it flat: Bookmarksew

Fold the ends in and press that as well: Makeabookmark

Insert your elastic at the end and sew it in place.


Do the same on the other end.

And you’re done!

Need some good reading suggestions to go with that new bookmark?

Top Books for You:

Some of the best books to read!

Or other easy sewing projects?

Easy to Sew Kids Belts:

Easy to Sew Kids Belts

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Color your summer- win an instamax camera! .jpg

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  1. I would love to win the pink camera! I live in a house full of boys, so I need a little more pink in my life! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  2. Love that bookmark and I’m looking around at your other projects – love what I see. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Blue camera!

  3. These are too sweet! I love them all, but I think the guys in my family MIGHT leave the pink camera alone…

  4. The pink one is pretty cute, but I think I’d pick the blue because the rest of my family would enjoy it more! 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  5. These bookmarks look super easy and are SO CUTE! The instamax cameras are also so adorable – the white would be awesome!

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