5 Minute Infinity Scarf

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If you’ve been around Sweet C’s for a while, you probably remember this tutorial I did for a 5 minute infinity scarf.

With the weather turning colder, it is getting all sorts of new traffic. And new questions.

Since I did the original post when I was first starting out, I didn’t have the best instructions up. I wanted to add this little pictorial to help you out if you have any questions!


(please don’t just copy all the pictures and put them in one long chain on pinterest. I work really hard on my blog and traffic helps me offset my costs- which helps me bring you awesome, free content!!).


For written directions, please visit my original post here.

Important note: I am using a darker thread in this post (and a small scrap of fabric to illustrate- this is NOT to scale), with a zig zag stitch. This is purely so you can see the steps easily.

When making your scarf, use a straight stitch in a coordinating thread so you don’t see it. (The zig zag stitch makes the inside seams visible when flipped right side out- they will not be visible with a straight stitch.)

(please see note above about stitch choices- your final product will not look this funky- I chose dark thread in a zig-zag stitch so you can see the seams- you will not chose them for your finished scarves!!!!)

For additional scarf styling considerations, here are a few ideas and tips:

43 thoughts on “5 Minute Infinity Scarf”

    1. Amanda, regular cotton would be super easy to sew and will be just fine- but it might be a little flimsy. You could always just use a little longer cut of fabric to begin with to make a longer scarf if you think it will be too thin- another 1/2 yard and you can get another wrap around the neck and it will look thicker!

  1. The last step confuses me. Are you sewin one seam across all 4 layers of fabric. ! end of the tube on top of the other “tucked in” tube? Are the 4 layers sewn toether or are you tryin to sew a circular seam so the 2 ends end up in an open circle? Thanks for a great idea.

  2. A knitted infinity scarf has a twist to it. When the ends of this scarf are sewed together, are the ends twisted and then sewed? Or just sewed into one flat circle? Sorry that this isn’t clear. No pictures to offer.

  3. i am so excited to try this and so glad you updated the tute–I was a bit unsure without the pics but now I am ready to rock and roll and sew!! 🙂 I am so excited to make several of these babies! Thanks so much!!

  4. Are there two seams in the finished scarf or just one? I cannot figure out the last step to make there be just one seam. I used 1 1/2 yds and stiched together the two long pieces. Would joing the other ends together create another seam?

  5. Thanks for explaining your tutorial (the black plaid fabric is kind of hard to see the steps) and for stating how NOT to post all the pictures on Pinterest so people who are interested will click through. Some people don’t realize the point of Pinterest is to drive traffic to the OP. Good job! I want to make a scarf now (because yarn and I don’t mix so knitting one is out of the question, haha!)

  6. Hi, I am a newbie at sewing but very much like to try my hands at sewing this scarf. Could you tell me what ” cut in half width- wise is please. Thank you!

    1. ok- don’t laugh because this is how I thought of it, and I relate it to how we used to fold paper in elementary school. If you folded a piece of paper down, it makes it short and not very wide (hamburger style), but if you fold over, it makes it long and skinny (hot dog style). What you want here is whatever is longer or “hot dog style”. How’s that for sewing technical terms?? 😉

  7. I pick up skirts at the thrift store for $2 to use for fabric. The legs of flannel or wool pants work well too. I love my Pendleton wool infinity scarves!

  8. Thanks so much for these instructions! I found them extremely easy to follow and I was able to bust out a few scarves for my girlfriends in no time!

  9. This is my go to gift this year. Can’t wait to hit the fabric store for some funky prints! With the plaids, are you trying to match the lines or do you just wing it? I was thinking I would just use patterned fabric or solids.

    1. oh gosh. If I am making it for someone and selling it, I try to line it all up. For myself, or a gift…? I totally just sew it as quickly as possible. The truth is with how you wrap it around you dont see the seams anyways, so it’s not a huge deal.

  10. Hi Courtney, Thank you for this amazing, well detailed and wonderfully photographed tutorial. I made my infinity scarf yesterday and today I’ll make several more to give as gifts. I wrote about it on my blog and linked back to you, too. Thank you!!!

    1. Well a yard is always 36″ long (and were using 1 1/2 so its 54″) but comes in verying lengths. This project used a54″ fabric, but I’m pretty tall and wanted a longer and thicker scarf. Varying your fabric choices will give you different scarf thicknesses.

  11. Thank you for the great tutorial. I am not someone who sews regularly at all…just your basic straight lines! I have tried this, and I still have the darndest time with the last step. Is the last steps seams meant to be seen? It is so awkward for me, and it keeps looking just terrible. Thankyou!

    1. Hey cassie!

      You will see the last seam- I usually start by wrapping the scarf with that seam around my neck, and then wrap the rest. That way, you don’t actually ever see it- though with a simple stitch in a coordinating thread color, I don’t really see it much anyways.

      If yours doesn’t look great, you can use fabric mod podge or a liquid stitch to close the back seam. My mom has done a few of these with liquid stitch with no problems!

      1. Thank you for the liquid stitch tip. This sounds perfect for a “straight line only” sewing person like myself! That whole tuck one end into the other and sew, just never works out for me! I have a bag full of unfinished infinity scarfs and Christmas stockings because I couldn’t really get the hang of the final step!

  12. I love scarves and have been on the hunt for a red infinity one to complete an outfit, thanks to you I can make my own! Love the step by step visuals!

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