Valentines Chalk Cards

valentines chalk cards at sweetcsdesigns

So, as I posted my Valentine’s Chalk Printables I got a few very sweet requests for a few different designs. While I didn’t have time to make a bunch (you can learn how to make your own here), I had a blast making 5 new designs that I sized specifically to be printed as a 5×7 card.

In this new set, you’ll find a pretty floral design, a cheeky pucker up print, will you “bee” my valentine, love you in sign language, and a little love from “Your Song”.

You can resize them to make gift tags and other cards, but images might get a bit blurry over 5×7″ prints.

Happy Valentines to you, my lovely readers!!

As with all of my downloads, I strive to bring free quality content- but I need your help. Please share these by sending people to this post and asking them to download here. If you’d like to feature these on your blog, please use the image at the top of this post in full or request a watermarked image from me of the individual print you’d like. This helps me keep the great free stuff coming!

You can download all of the printables here:

[paiddownloads id=”30″]

[paiddownloads id=”31″]

[paiddownloads id=”32″]

[paiddownloads id=”33″]

[paiddownloads id=”34″]


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