9 Great Paleo Pastas

9 delicious paleo pastas- the tastes you crave without breaking a low carb gluten free diet!


Whether spiralized, made into long flat sheets, or even just a rough sauce, pastas made out of vegetables is SO in right now. They are delicious, healthy, and can be made incredibly hearty- and work wonderfully for those following strict gluten free or paleo diets, or just want to swap out processed carbs for fresh whole foods more often. These 9 Great Paleo Pastas will fill your pasta cravings without packing on the extra calories.

This slideshow is full of delicious, low carb and gluten free pasta dishes that replace noodles with


This guide for how to spiralize zucchini is an awesome way to start:

Paleo Carbonara- this low carb version of this bacon filled pasta dish is rich creamy and so delicious!

Zucchini Noodle Carbonara is just as decadent and luxurious as it’s carby cousin- and takes just a few minutes to make.



This sweet potato pasta is colorful, full of texture, and a great swap for traditional pasta!



Carrot fettucine is a bright, sweet and interesting twist to standard noodles.



This Pork Sugo with Paleo Tagliatelli looks incredibly rich and comforting!


zucchini pine nut and cranberry paleo pasta- this is so delicious, easy to make, and completely grain free!

This zucchini pine nut and cranberry paleo pasta is rich and filling, without weighing you down.




This paleo pasta alla bolognese looks the most like pasta I’ve seen- but you won’t believe what they use for noodles!




This paleo lasagna is visually stunning- and PACKED with veggies that your kids won’t even know about!


Paleo Spaghetti and Meatballs- this is a delicious recipe that is totally gluten free and easy to clean up !

And my super simple paleo spaghetti and meatballs are a delicious, can’t fail hit!

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