American Flag Mini Cakes

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American Flag mini cakes- these are so easy to make and prefect for parties!

I have a confession to make. Lately, I am addicted to fondant! I’ve been whipping up a bunch of fun new cake ideas and testing out my fondant skills, and I wanted to create something fun, festive, and bright for 4th of July that was also incredibly easy and would make for a quick and easy cake (or cupcake) to serve at Independence Day picnics, parties or BBQ’s! These American Flag Mini Cakes take just 10 minutes to decorate, stand up to hot outdoor temperatures, and are a great starter cake if you haven’t had time to build up fondant skills.

This cake is perfect for fondant beginners- it is really easy to make!

I was recently at the Wilton Sweet Up with Joann Fabrics and Crafts, and I got to check out a ton of Wilton’s newest products and try out their Decorator Preferred Fondant. Let me tell you- it was completely and totally inspiring! I am so thrilled to have been able to see so many beautiful ideas for cake decorating, learn new skills, and get to test out some of their latest and greatest products.


For full information on how to add fondant to a cake, as well as my full review on Wilton’s new Decorator Preferred Fondant, please check out this informative page. 

You’ll need to start out with a cake that has been covered with fondant- or you can also use my method for creating a faux fondant look out of store bought icing, and simply add some fondant for the parts of the flag.


You won't believe how easy it is to add fondant to a cake- and this stuff actually tastes good!
Want to add fondant to a cake in under 10 minutes? Check out my method here.

For this cake, you will need:

-Completely cool round cake or cupcakes, covered in white fondant (use this method to cover your cake in fondant)

-Wilton Royal Blue Gel Food coloring

– Wilton Red-Red Gel Food Coloring

-2 ziploc bags or food prep gloves

-fondant smoothing tool

-fondant roller

-pizza cutter/fondant cutter

-fondant measuring/prep mat

-Wilton Decorators Preferred Fondant


First, we need to color the red and white fondant.

Grab about 1/4 cup of fondant, and roll it into a ball. Wearing gloves (or put the fondant into a plastic bag, and squeeze the bag to knead the fondant without staining your hands), add good coloring and start kneading it into the fondant. Add more coloring to get a deeper color as needed.

When fondant is the color you’d like, roll it out on the fondant prep/measuring mat. If fondant is extra sticky because of food coloring, sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar onto it and knead it in.

Roll out a circle of fondant to your desired thickness with a fondant roller. The roller helps fondant not stick like it might to a rolling pin- and really helps you control thickness. If you’ve had problems rolling fondant in the past using a rolling pin, you need to try fondant rollers!

I prefer slightly thicker fondant for simple designs like this.

Using a pizza wheel or fondant cutter, cut out a square out of the blue fondant, and long strips out of the red fondant.

Add a touch of glucose or water to the back of the square, and lay it onto the cake.

Add red strips around the square as you’d see on an American flag, also securing them with a little glucose or water as glue.

Trim excess red strips if they are too long to make them neat, tidy, and uniform.

To add stars- you can either cut stars out with a mini star shaped cutter, use pre-cut sugar sheets, or simply roll tiny balls of whit fondant and add them as I did. I simple affixed them with a touch of water like glue and staggered them across the blue square.


That’s it- you’re done! I like to store these in a cool, dry place until serving. They will last longer if placed in the refrigerator- but let them come to temperature before placing in hot sun to avoid fondant “sweating”.



My son was THRILLED with this cake. He thought it was so cute- and was infatuated with the American Flag on top. He ate all the fondant off the top first, which was a little odd, but he’s a huge fan of the new Decorator Preferred Fondant flavor- the first fondant he hasn’t turned up his nose at! It’s still not my favorite flavor (I am a buttercream devotee), but it is actually pretty good- and I LOVE the way it looks, and all the fun things you can make with it. This cake would take quite a bit longer using buttercream- but I was able to make the whole thing in under 10 minutes with Wilton’s new fondant!

You can find all of the tools, food coloring gel, and products I used at Joann’s Fabric and Craft Stores, or Wilton.

quick and easy American flag cakes

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