Baseball Potatoes with Country Crock #cleverspon

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This post is sponsored by Country Crock. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Before I had kids, I vowed it would never happen. I would not have one of those kids. I would not give in- *I* would be the parent and my kid would listen to me.


I suffer from a problem just about every mom I know has at one time dealt with- a picky eater! Little man is in love with one food one day, and hates it the next. He has a few steady favorites, but veggies have always been a struggle, post baby-food. We can get some carrots in, a random pea or two, and I try to sneak spinach in recipes I can find ways to hide them in.

I have seen some fun pics on Pinterest of whimsical looking ways to display veggies for kids- but little man is a bit young to really get some of the elaborate displays of veggie boats and monster faces made of radishes. Plus, he will nibble on raw veggies, but we have much better success with cooked vegetables. And most of them look so time consuming, or are more snack options- not something my husband and I would eat alongside little man at meals (and who wants to make veggies just for kids? We can have fun delicious veggies, too!!).

Enter the Country Crock Chronicle and the Clare Crespo Cookbook- There are TONS of fabulous, fun recipes that make eating veggies not only easy, but really, really yummy! And there are SO many fun ideas. The Country Crock Chronicle focuses on highlighting the wonderful taste of vegetables herbs and spices, as well as a great butter taste and less saturated fat in all of their recipes. Kids love veggies with Country Crock!

I didn’t get too far into the cookbook before I found a dish I just HAD to make little man- the Out of the Park Baseballs are recipe #1! (If you know our family, you know we are baseball fanatics. Little man’s uncle played in the farm leagues for the Minnesota Twins, and currently plays professional ball across the globe). Baseball is just in our genes (unlike eating veggies).

The recipe is incredibly easy, and I got to use some of little man’s mini ball cap collection to display them! Just cook your potatoes, and add back a little cooking water, garlic, salt and pepper, sour cream, as well as some country crock for a nice buttery taste- with less saturated fat.

I did make one tiny change- I like to use greek yogurt instead of sour cream in recipes- little man has tummy troubles from time to time, and I like for him to get some extra probiotics in wherever I can sneak them.

The Clare Crespo cookbook is full of great recipes that make eating veggies fun- like bear paws (sweet potatoes “paws” with cashew claws), Mt. Veggie Volcanoes, Pasta Full of Posies, Veggie Stoplights- and even a Rocketship! The recipes are all pretty easy and look delicious. Hubby and I would have no problem chowing them down alongside little man, who absolutely loved them!

To make your own Out of the Park Baseballs, or check out tons of other healthy, delicious veggie serving ideas? The Country Crock Chronicle is your place to go.

Are you looking for quick and simple tips and recipes to make serving veggies more fun? Download the free Clare Crespo Cookbook here for fun and whimsical recipes your family is sure to love!

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