The Best of Sweet C’s Designs 2013

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The Top Posts of Sweet C's Designs 2013- tons of great recipes, photography tips, DIY and more!


2013 has been a heck of a year! My babies are growing, and so has this little blog. I am so truly thankful to be where I am, and owe it to each and every one of my readers. You all are my favorite people on earth- and I mean that more than I will ever be able to express. ((choking up))

So what made the biggest splashes in 2013?

Here are your favorite posts!


the easiest way to frost a cake get a faux fondant look in seconds (and its delicious) #cake #party #fondant

In March, my poured frosting trick set Pinterest on fire- and it’s still going strong. Over 1 million people have checked out this fun, easy and unique way to POUR frosting and make it look like faux fondant! It is quick, easy, and looks so good!

1 pot chicken risotto with fresh vegetabels- this is SUCH a killer recipe and much easier to make than you'd think! Plus you can use whatever veggies you have on hand! #risotto #chicken #onepotmeal

Next up is my favorite meal- One Pot Chicken Risotto! This is easy, healthy, and full of delicious fresh food.

Cheddar and pepper stuffed bacon wrapped chicken- this is the most delicious, easy meal you can make! The technique at sweetcsdesigns helps keep chicken moist and flavorful in the oven #chicken #baco

Cheddar and Pepper Bacon Wrapped Chicken is a SUPER delicious and easy dinner that keeps chicken moist, juicy and you can’t go wrong with Bacon, right?


THE BEST sangria and virgin sangria EVER! This is so delicious and easy to make- not to mention easy on the wallet! Use the fruit you have on hand for a crowd pleasing sipper!


This recipe for Virgin or Alcoholic White Sangria is SURE to get the party started!


quick and easy elf on a shelf kitchen ideas that dont require a ton of cleanup!


Need fun (but easy) Elf on a Shelf ideas that a toddler will love? Bookmark this list of easy Kitchen-based ideas for next year!

Easy Elf on a Shelf ideas that don't take a ton of time or cleanup- I am so doing these this year!

And if your elf is looking for even more ideas, a bunch of other super simple setups will save you next Christmas!


Learn about camera buttons and what they do- no more camera confusion!


Want to learn more about your camera and it’s buttons? This guide will get you going!


dslr lenses telephoto prime lenses wide angle kit lens


And this guide to different camera lenses– and when to use them- will help you master your DSLR!

peppermint brownies- these are so easy to make for Christmas parties and are SO good!


Peppermint brownies are delicious at Christmas- but they are great anytime of year, too! Just use peppermint candies instead of candy canes!

the easiest way to frost a cupcake EVER- faux fondant poured icing cupcakes! These are GENIUS!

The faux fondant trick also helps decorate cupcakes in a jiffy with a few small tweaks … these are so cute and easy!

crispy herbed potatoes- these are seriously delicious and so easy

Crispy Herbed Potatoes… guess what? They are quick and easy! And a perfect side dish for any meal!




And I opened up about how being a mom can be difficult, even when our kids mean the world to us. And how I don’t know that I was meant to be a stay at home mom.

turn an old sewing table into a cooler


I turned a sewing table into a cooler and drink stand,



Made some delicious 4 Ingredient Chocolate Zucchini Bread,

Patriotic punch- this is perfect for 4th of July or a homecoming! So easy to make and delicious- pin now and save for your summer bbqs!

Made some red white and blue Patriotic Punch (with apple stars!!)

dresser and hutch turned chic bar- this is genious! Create a faux drawer for tall bottle storage, create faux antique detailing, and completely transform ugly items into a gorgeous piece !

And finally, I turned an ugly old dresser and hutch into a gorgeous bar and Liquor Cabinet!


So whats up for 2014? More delicious, easy recipes, LOTS of DIY and home decor, more quick crafts, and plenty of party ideas!

Thanks for making Sweet C’s Designs bigger than ever in 2013, and I hope you’ll find tons of inspiration in 2014!






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