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Little Man’s first birthday is this Wednesday, but his daddy graciously decided to share his actual birthday with his special little guy and throw a big bash- our own doubleheader! Since my husband was sharing the day, I didn’t want the party to be too “baby”- no Elmo this time. As we’re huge baseball fans, a baseball theme was a natural fit for both baby and daddy.

For little man’s first cake, I wanted to do something really special, but really simple. I also wanted to do something without artificial colors or food coloring that was going to stain his little face and hands. Starting with a simple two-tier cake (I got some mini springform pans from Joann’s- used my coupons to make it under $8 for both), I frosted a base layer in a simple buttercream icing using an offset spatula. I did two layers of frosting- do a “crumb layer” first, with slightly runnier frosting. Either do this the night before or toss the cake in the fridge for a while to allow the icing to harden. Once it is hard, spread another layer of buttercream on and try to make it as smooth as possible using your offset spatula.

Now, my icing wasn’t perfect. I did the crumb layer icing the night before, and because I was in a rush to get everything done for the party, I didn’t let the 2nd layer icing fully come to room temperature. It was a little too thick and hard to go over smoothly. Since it was for a baby who won’t even remember, and I added fondant decorations, I didn’t worry too much about it.

Next, I piped little circles around the bottoms of both layers using the largest circle tip I had on hand. To round off the “peaks” that you get from a piping tip, just softly press it in with your finger after it has hardened slightly. I wanted these to look like little baseballs- but they would work as beautiful pearls for a wedding shower!

fun fondant decorations! 

Next, I added brown fondant baseball bats around the bottom layer of the cake. To make the bats, I cut brown Cricut fondant sheets on my cricut cake (using a software you can’t buy anymore, sadly). While I found the Cricut brand fondant to be a little brittle and dry, it worked really well when cutting intricate items like the incredibly thin baseball bat handles. It held up much better than the Wilton fondant when cutting anything thin or with detail. I did have to be VERY careful when removing the shapes from my mat- but they held up just fine. I actually cut these a couple of days ahead and stored them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and covered with plastic wrap. They stayed perfectly shaped. To get them to stick to the cake, I “glued” them on with a tiny dab of frosting.

If you have the software, or would like the svg file of the baseball bat I made, send me an email to [email protected] and I can send it right over!

Next, I added a few fondant polka dots and some pennants, and the cake was complete!

To read more about cutting fondant, please check out the post I wrote recently about Fondant Party Hat Cupcake Toppers.

Keep an eye out for more decorations and ideas from our big bash all week long!

3 thoughts on “{cake decorating} First Birthday Baseball Cake”

  1. I love my cricut- but I am saving up for a Shilouette. I almost exclusively use Sure Cuts a Lot software with my cricut, and Provo Craft sued the makers of the software, so it cannot be sold any longer for use with cricut. I like Cricut’s cartridges, but they get to be way too expensive, and I also love to design my own shapes. If you can’t get independent software, Shilouette is the way to go.

    That being said, the mini cricut cake (and cake cartridges) work fabulously for just food cutting.

  2. I LOVE it!!!!!! I really NEED…yes NEED a Cricut or a Shilouette. I have tried to convey this to my husband…but he doesn’t seem to understand. However, I am turning 30 this year. That seems like an appropriate gift for that age!

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