Candy Corn Color Dipped Vase

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Candy Corn Color Dipped vase - this is such a cute and free way to decorate for halloween! Use an upcycled jarfor a fun vintage feel!


I love color dipped and color blocked projects. There is just something about upcycled everyday items dipped in bright paint that makes my soul happy. And what makes people happier than candy corn? This fall, I am trying to decorate with fun, whimsical and colorful accents and a candy corn color dipped vase works perfectly into my plans!

This is a project that is super easy and would be great as a kids craft. Just do the spraypaint first layer for them, and let them do the rest! These make great teacher or hostess gifts, and imperfections make them a little more rustic looking, so let your little ones have at it!


To start, I took an old spaghetti jar that I soaked to remove the label from. Once they label is all gone (use goo gone if you need to , but be sure it is all gone and dry before painting), we will need to prep the jar for painting. If you have an all purpose paint that covers glass well, like Martha Stewart acrylic paints, you can skip this step and do multiple layers- but I wanted as little work as possible and opted for a prime spray paint layer since it reduces overall time.

Using a paint + primer spraypaint (I like krylon’s matte white for glass to give it a chalk-y, more rustic and antique appearance), slowly spray paint the jar in soft even strokes, starting at the top and working your way down. You don’t need full coverage at the bottom since we are painting over it- but you do want some down at the bottom so the orange paint only needs one coat and sticks to the spraypaint surface better than it would the glass.

Once the spraypaint is dry enough to touch (about 30 minutes), grab a foam brush and orange paint. We are faux-dipping these, so you’ll pour out about a tablespoon worth of paint and smooth it over the bottom of the jar, making long strokes from side to side. Make sure you paint softly so your brushstrokes arent too noticeable. If you find they are, no worries- you’ll just add another coat in a few hours.

When you have an orange layer at the bottom, add a yellow layer on top of that. I just freehanded these because I wanted it to look like I dipped the jars in paint, but if you want a crisp line, I suggest blue painters tape. Just be sure the paint you place the tape over is fully dry (a few hours) so it doesnt come up when you remove the tape.

Let dry fully and you have a beautiful Halloween vase that looks like candy corn! I used Martha Stewart paints, which “cure” after 20 days- and are dishwasher safe at that point. Check your paint to see if/how they can be cured for dishwasher safety.

I topped mine with a black satin ribbon and am displaying lovely fall blooms in it. I LOVE fall flowers- they are my absolute favorite- and I’m loving this fun little vase to display them in!

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