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When I was pregnant with little man, we found the most amazing armoire and changing table set on Craigslist, and painted them navy blue to match his room. Now that he is “all grown up” and wouldnt sit to have his diaper changed if I paid him, it was time to move the changing table in for baby B.

Since B’s room didn’t really go with a dark, navy table, we decided to paint it a nice light gray to accent the lovely aquas and pinks in her room- and decided to make a quick chalk paint so we didn’t have to apply multiple coats or primer and still cover the dark navy color. We also wanted to find a way to protect the surface of the dresser from wear and tear (the navy was scratched in a few places from little man’s lamp and changing pad), and found a great, easy method using inexpensive paste wax.

Read on to see how my mom and I did it! 

You’ll need:


-plaster of paris

-paste wax

-boar bristle brush


If you are recovering a peice of furniture for the first time, you need to prep and sand it before starting- make sure you sand the entire surface well, and clean off any dust. I didn’t have to do this as I was adding a new layer of paint (as long as your paint isn’t enamel, you don’t need to prep the surface if you are adding a new layer of paint when using chalk paint).

Next, mix 1 part plaster of paris to two parts paint, and paint the surface. Let dry for one day.

To protect your surface from scratches, and also make a nice, smooth surface, apply paste wax using a round boar bristle brush.

Apply a generous coat of wax in a circular motion.



Take an old rag, and rub the wax to smooth and evenly coat. Do your best Mr. Miagi and think wax on, wax off!


The dresser looks lovely, if I do say so myself! After a few weeks of wear and tear (those diaper pads really can scratch the heck out of things) and still no scratching, chipping or flaking of the paint! I will probably add another layer of wax in a couple of months.


If you want to see more of baby B’s nursery, stay tuned. I have more nursery pics coming soon! You can also see the adorable glass painted vase (the inspiration for the whole room) here, and the lovely Pottery Barn inspired peony lampshade here.

22 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Dresser”

    1. Thanks, Nicole! No problem- I actually listed out where I got/how I did everything in this nursery post. I got the rug from IKEA for ****$20*****!!!! It is the steal of the century. It is flat and not the most luxurious, but it is comfortable and very durable, easy to clean. Perfect for a baby’s room!

  1. That is adorable! Love the color! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It Wednesday @ where you can win free ad space on my blog! ALSO I’m hosting a “May House Par-tay” and I would love for you to show off this room!

  2. You did such a great job, and I absolutely LOVE your choice of color!

    I would love it if you would link up at Watch Out, Martha!’s first link up party: Martha Mondays on May 7th! Hope to see you there! ( )

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