Cherry Pie Moonshine

cherry pie moonshine- this is a more delicious and less expensive gift than a bottle of wine!


One of my favorite new drinks is flavored “moonshine”. No, we’re not distilling (totes illegal- don’t do it), but flavoring grain alcohol with fun different creations. It’s a delicious (and super strong) drink base, it makes for a fabulous gift, and it’s pretty easy and inexpensive. This Cherry Pie Moonshine is beyond delicious and is perfect for Christmas or Valentines Day- and makes a great group gift! (you’ll get 8 mason jars full, so you can spread the love around!)

Cherry Pie Moonshine


You can drink this moonshine straight, or mix it with sprite, ginger ale or tonic for a fizzy drink- or use as a base in all sorts of drinks!

One note- this is STRONG. Everclear is 190 proof- even though we’ve added juice to this, it is SUPER strong. Be careful because these can sneak up on you! Always be sure to drink in moderation, and have a designated driver. And if you are giving these as a gift, make sure your recipient is over 21!

I added super simple and fun embellishments from Martha Stewart’s crafts line at Joann Fabric and Crafts to the mason jars- I just cut enough ribbon to tie around the jars and made a simple bow. You could also add a gift tag to them for more festive fun!

If you like drinks to be super sweet, use cherries in syrup. If you prefer it more tart, use cherries in water. Both are good- just different sugar levels!

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Peach Pie Moonshine - this is SO delicious and easy to make!


 As this is a pretty colored jar, and SO alcoholic, please store out of the reach of kids. This is NOT juice! A child taking a swig of this highly alcoholic drink might constitute an emergency. Seek help immediately.


cherry pie moonshine- this is so delicious and makes a great gift!


Cherry Pie Moonshine
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 68 oz.
  • 2 32 ounce jars all cherry juice
  • 2 cans tart cherries in heavy syrup
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • 1 liter bottle everclear
  • 8 8 oz sized mason jars
  1. In a large saucepan, bring all ingredients but everclear to a boil.
  2. Stir to make sure sugar completely dissolves, remove from heat.
  3. Let cool.
  4. Pour in Everclear.
  5. Pour into sterilized mason jars.
  6. Moonshine can be consumed immediately, but gets better after time. 2+ weeks is ideal!
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 2 ounces

awesome last minute gift idea for a group- cherry pie moonshine! Easy and inexpensive!




80 thoughts on “Cherry Pie Moonshine”

  1. I halved this recipe to test it out and it was way too strong. My friends jokingly called it “cherry gasoline”- any tips? It sat for about 2 weeks before we opened it up. I love the idea of cherry pie, as my apple is quite popular among my crew. Any input would be great!!

    1. Lol – well, sometimes it can really depend on the juice you use. Even the same brands (when more natural/not as mass produced) can taste different from different batches!

      I’d add some more juice to this batch, and it should help take off a bit of the sting!

  2. Could you use frozen tart cherries? I have a ton of them, frozen from last summer. Would you need to add sugar as it wouldn’t have the heavy syrup?

  3. I made this with cherry pie filling and it tastes delicious! It just seems to be thick like syrup…What did I do wrong or can I fix it?

  4. the longer it sits, the more of a cherry taste the alcohol will take on. You want to store it in the fridge, or a cool dark place. If you store it in spot that is sunny, it can degrade it. You can drink it right away, but the longer it sits the better a flavor it is.

    1. Haha. No. Distilling is totally illegal in the US. You aren’t even allowed to freeze distill.

      TTB has previously held that freezing a mixture of alcohol and aqueous fermented material, like wine, causes some water to freeze and separate from the alcohol mixture. The resultant mixture has higher alcohol content than the original and is called a “high alcohol content wine fraction” and any person who separates alcoholic spirits from any fermented substance is known as a distiller. Because Federal law requires a permit to operate as a distiller and prohibits the operation of a distillery in a residence, in order to freeze wine or cider you will have to file an application with TTB and follow our regulations regarding the manufacturing processes approved for making distilled spirits.

      1. What she is making is not distilled. She is not cooking it down and using the vapors to create ethanol etoh. or using a distilling process. This really is simply a mixed drink, it’s no different than a hot toddy or other warm alcoholic beverage.

  5. Is it possible to use fresh blueberries and blueberries instead? Since they are fresh do I need to add anything since they won’t have the syrup?

    1. Alissa- you might need to slightly cook them to break down the sugar if you go with fresh, or add a touch of sugar. I’d add them in the liquid before adding the booze- if it tastes good before adding the everclear, it will taste good with the everclear!

  6. I made half a batch of this and waited 2 weeks to drink. It turned out absolutely great. I will make a whole batch soon. It’s good!

  7. I made a mistake and used I bottle of cherry juice and one bottle of cranberry juice. It’s not sweet enough and I already added the Everclear. Do you think I could add a tsp. or so of corn syrup to each bottle to sweeten it up?

  8. Does this freeze in the freezer? I normally store my liquor in the freezer so it’s nice and cold but I don’t want to freeze it to an ice cube lol! Thanks! Can’t wait to try the receipt!

  9. okay here’s my question everywhere I go they only have tart cherry juice and dark sweet cherries in heavy syrup so what do I do

    1. Andrew- Id buy those, and mix them. Taste the mixture, and add more tart cherry juice or some sugar to get to a flavor you like. Some people like their drinks really sugary- some a bit more tart. So you can play around a bit and taste the mixture before boiling to get a flavor you like. Then you’ll just add the everclear after and be good to go!

    1. I have sub Vodka for many Moonshine recipes. I do, however, suggest you buy the cheapest vodka and filter it in a Britta (or like) filter 5x or more to make it taste like the expensive kind.

  10. Sorry to be a killjoy but I am so concerned about the massively high alcohol content in this recipe, the pretty colour and sweet taste will appeal to children so please advise people to place the jars way out of the reach of little ones to avoid danger xx

    1. I will add that Claire. My kids smell anything slightly alcoholic and shudder (I know many kids ask for sips, but ours do not like the smell even remotely) so I didn’t think to add one. 😉

  11. Hi! I’m very excited to make this but the virginia ABC store only sells Everclear White Lightinin which is 90 proof instead of 190 proof like your recipe calls for 🙁 I can order some 190 online but is there a way to make the 90 proof work in the recipe?

  12. I made this today and can’t wait to make some drinks.
    I got 6 pints out it with a lot of liquid left over. 1 quart of liquid & no cherries, so I opened another can of cherries and just put them in the jar with the cooked liquid (while still warm). Will these still be okay to put away like the rest of the jars?

  13. Sounds delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

    Can I ask, what’s the name of that font you used for “Moonshine” in the first image? Been looking for that calligraphic font! Thanks 🙂

  14. Your recipe is delicious! The liter size bottles of Everclear aren’t available where I live in California so I just added cherry schnapps I had in my cabinet to make up the difference. I am planning to give trios (half-pint mason jars) of your flavored “shines” as gifts to my relatives this Christmas. Cherry, apple, and peach, oh my! That ought to make me popular. LOL 😉

  15. I am hoping to try this over the weekend for our upcoming Independence Day celebration. I am not planning on using the 8oz jars because I am planning on making about 2 gallons and I would go broke purchasing 50-60 jars I would need to accommodate a 4 oz serving. What would you reccommend storing a larger portion in until party time when it will be served in a pinch bowl or something of that nature. Thanks I’m advance

      1. Thank you so very much for getting back so quickly! I am VERY much looking forward to enjoying this and if all goes well with the cherry maybe even a bit of the peach pie recipe you have shared as well.

        1. Sure can! I’d just taste it before you add in the everclear – it might be SUPER sweet. Just know to add more everclear or maybe even some cranberry juice or something to cut down that super sweetness if it’s too much for you.

  16. I have tried it using a pint of everclear one can of cherries in heavy syrup and 32 ounces of welches fran cherry Juice it made eight 8 ounce jars just waiting until the weekend to taste it thanks thanks for the recipe.

  17. How long will these last? I wanted to make them but not give them away for a month or so and was worried if they didn’t drink it right away either. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Whitney- I am not the authority on food safety- but let me just say we’ve had some that we held onto for over a year, and they were still just as yummy! Since everclear is so alchoholic, and you’re boiling the mix (not the everclear) beforehand, it should stay very germ-free.

  18. everclear comes in 190 and 151 proof..depends where you live.some states is illegal to purchase 190 but some you can

  19. this sounds like what i’ve been looking for for a good cherry recipe. i am going to try as is, and may try to add some vanilla vodka to it to make that ala mode taste next time if i like it..thanks, i’ll let you know how it turns out.

      1. It depends on where you live. Some states can not sell the 190 proof. We can get it here in KY, but not across the river in OH.

  20. I am really wanting to try this recipe but I would like to know a few things please.
    Could you please clarify the yield.
    This recipe can not possibly make 8 1/2 quarts and if you meant 8-1/2 quarts that is 8 pints and that is 16 cups. But you have 8 8oz jars list under ingredients which is 8 cups.
    From my calculations this should yield between 14-16 cups depending on the size of can of cherries you use. Your pictures are showing it in pint jars.
    Could you please clarify the ounces on the cherries also.
    Thank you, I can’t wait to try this out!

    1. Hi Kristina!

      I got these at sprouts, but any brand cherries and cherry juice will work. Or even cherry cider. If you did want the exact brands I used, any health food store should have them (I like less sweet cherry juice, but if you like more sweet really any brand will work!) Hope that helps!

      Also- cherry cider would be AMAZING in this- but I have a hard time finding it for a good price in winter.

        1. It came out absolutely delicious!!! Only thing was that mine only made 4 full jars? Not sure why, but that was fine! THANK YOU,

  21. Hi! This looks amazing, where can I buy the Cherries and all cherry juice? I tried my local super market, stop and shop and they didn’t sell them. Thanks!

  22. Do you have the ounces for the jars or bottles in these recipes? Not all countries have the same size jars , bottles or cans so it would help for the recipe traveling around the web. Thank you

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