Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles from Cookie Mix

Turn boxed cookie mix into delicious Chocolate Chip Waffles! This recipe from is GENIUS and so delicious!


This post originally ran at I Heart Naptime, and I’m excited to share it here over at Sweet C’s Designs today!   I am making Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles that are so sweet, fluffy, and delicious you won’t ever think of using regular old waffle mix again! How do I do it? Well, I use a simple trick to make the most delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles from Cookie Mix!

That’s right- skip the waffle recipe. Cause what is tastier than cookies??

Chocolate Chip Waffle cookies. That’s what.

I’m using a gluten free cookie mix, but any boxed cookie mix will do.



Make chocolate chip waffles out of a cookie mix- this is an awesome recipe!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles from Cookie Mix
  • This depends on your cookie mix so please calculate indredients using these guides:
  • -double the amount of eggs (this will give the waffles an airy and light texture). If your cookie mix does not call for eggs, add 2.
  • -melt the butter/margarine listed, or use an equal amount of oil instead of butter
  • -add up to 2 tbsp water to thin.
  1. First, dump your cookie mix into a bowl, and gather the ingredients listed on the box.
  2. Add in melted butter/oil in to cookie mix first, and incorporate well. Add eggs, vanilla (if your mix calls for it), and any other required ingredients. Next, slowly add water into your mix a little bit at a time until it is thin like a pancake mix instead of thick like a cookie.
  3. Pour batter into a hot waffle iron. I don't grease mine because it is nonstick- but if you normally have to grease your waffle iron, be sure to generously grease it for this recipe.




make chocolate chip cookies into waffles



I have a Cuisinart Waffle Maker and it beeps when the waffles are done- if yours doesn’t, check them after about 5 minutes. When they are slightly browned and are springy to the touch, they are done.

While regular waffle mix is a little thicker and easier to lift up, these will be slightly more fragile. Instead of using skewers like I usually do to lift out waffles, you’ll want to use a fork and lift it from the underside of the waffle, being careful to support it and not tear it.

To make them even more delicious, top with Nutella or Homemade Hazelnut Spread and a dollop of butter and eat while warm.


Chocolate chip cookie waffles using a simple recipe trick with BOXED COOKIE MIX- these are SO delicious and incredibly easy at !


These are perfect for a sinfully sweet breakfast, or topped with ice cream for dessert! You could also add in crushed candy, nuts or fruit to make your own perfect combination!






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