Clean Your Microwave & Range Grate in Under 5 Minutes With No Chemicals!

how to clean your microwave and range vent in 5 minutes with NO chemicals or hard work!

Don’t worry… you don’t have the wrong blog. I am still the world’s laziest cleaner.

I actually once really enjoyed cleaning back when I lived by myself and didnt have kids making immediate wrecks of my work- but those days are long, long gone.

Now when I have time to clean, I want to get as much done as possible. I just do NOT have time for scrubbing, wiping, sanitizing… and I have such active little kiddos I don’t really want them ingesting a ton of chemicals. So long story short, I am always on the lookout for easy and safe ways to sanitize the places we use the most- and there is nothing we use less than our microwave and stove.

Like many houses, our microwave sites right over our stove and the grill underneath it also has a fan. The fan grate gets full of nasty, disgusting, horrifying stuff. When we cook anything that gets steamy, the steam heads up to the fan grate and collects, and drips back onto the stove.


How to clean your under microwave-over stove vent grate without ANY chemicals and hardly any work in under five minutes! This is an AMAZING tip and is SO easy! Perfect for cleaning out funky microwave vent co

So to say I wanted a great way to clean it- without any harsh chemicals or really ANYTHING that isn’t food grade would be an understatement. Luckily, I found a super easy and fast way to use vinegar- yes- simple VINEGAR- to clean both the inside of the microwave AND the grate underneath. In FIVE minutes!


To get yours sparkling clean like mine, you’ll need:

– white vinegar (a decent amount- have 1/2 bottle on hand just in case)

-a microwave safe bowl

-paper towels

-a sink half full of  warm water and 1 cup vinegar

-a sink sprayer


First off, start by filling your bowl up with water and about a cup of vinegar. Microwave it for four minutes.

While it is microwaving, gently pull on your microwave grate by its handle. Mine slid right out. Place it in the vinegar water bath and submerge it for a minute or two. Pick it up and spray it off with your sink sprayer- the grime will literally fall away into the sink. Spray the entire grate until clean, and then set out to dry.

When the microwave is done, CAREFULLY remove the bowl full of water. It will be extremely hot!

Take some paper towels and quickly wipe down the microwave. Since the water and vinegar was boiling, there will be steam droplets everywhere. These act to sotfen grease so you can just wipe it right off. If it doesn’t come off easily, add more vinegar and water to the bowl and microwave longer.

That’s it- you’re done!

this is a life changing tip- clean the inside of your microwave in 5 minutes with NO chemicals or hard scrubbing! SO changed my life!

This method was SO much easier than using harsh chemicals, and it is the first time my microwave has actually smelled fresh (and not just chemical-y) after cleaning. And it was the EASIEST way I have ever found to get the stuck on grunge off the top of the microwave. I can never seem to get all that gunk- but it just wiped right away.

GENIUS! You can easily clean your microwave and range hood- without any chemicals or hard work- in 5 minutes or less! This is such a great tip!

7 thoughts on “Clean Your Microwave & Range Grate in Under 5 Minutes With No Chemicals!”

  1. Great tips! I don’t like using the microwave oven too often, but at least I’m trying to keep it clean enough. Your suggestion seems to be quite efficient and I’m definitely trying to clean the microwave this way next time. My sister will be very glad to have your tips too. Thanks or sharing!

  2. I use vanilla extract and water instead of vinegar to clean the inside of my microwave. (When I have some on hand, I throw half of a cinnamon stick in there, too.) Makes the whole house smell like I’ve been baking, and just as easy to clean. Bowl full of water, and a teaspoon or so of vanilla extract.

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