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Confetti Paper Hearts at - the cutest party favor! Have guests rip them open for a fun way to throw confetti or use them to wrap gift cards in! #confetti #party #favor

I recently attended the wedding for a really fun couple and wanted to come up with a fun way to give them a gift card that wasn’t some boring, stuffy, traditional wedding card…. so I came up with a way to keep the party going with these Confetti Paper Hearts that are fabulous gift card holders or party favors!

These hearts are so easy to make and are a fun way to get people in the festive spirit at a party, or when opening gifts – so come whip up a bunch with me!

Confetti Paper Hearts at - these are such fun party crafts! Super easy to whip up a bunch and pass out to guests- then rip open and toss confetti!


First off, you’ll need to make your confetti. I just took a set of Martha Stewart fringe scissors to some tissue paper to make my confetti.

Next, cut out a heart to use as a template. I folded over a piece of cardboard paper and just freehanded a heart shape to use.

Lay your template down onto paper and cut the heart out. I actually cut my heart out of some old paper gift bags I had laying around because they are thick enough that you couldn’t see a gift card through it- but wax paper and kraft paper make for BEAUTIFUL hearts.

Sew the two heart shapes together leaving open a gap wide enough to add confetti or a gift card inside.

Sew the gap up when your heart has been stuffed to completely close the heart.

That’s it!


These are the most fun party favors at - Confetti Paper Hearts! Just rip open and throw confetti! Also an awesome way to package gift cards! #confetti #giftwrap


To spread the confetti, just rip open the heart and toss! I also use these to give as a fun way to give a gift card- just be sure to cut your heart large enough to hold a card and tuck it inside with the confetti. Then when it’s opened, there is a little extra party!

Whats your favorite festive party favor?



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