Dinner AND a Movie- Pizza, Smoothies and Free Movie Tickets!

 As many of my readers might know, we are trying to take steps to become much healthier this summer. My husband and I have gone grain and starch free, eating more veggies, and are working out more.

This isn’t easy for us- this house is home to a family that LOVES delicious food. And green, leafy stuff isn’t as tasty as bacon, donuts and cake- a sad fact of life I have yet to come to terms with. One thing I do love, more than I probably should, is dairy. I am a dairy addict.

I don’t feel incredibly guilty indulging in dairy, however, because it is full of vitamins and calcium. Plus a little bit of yummy cheese goes a long way in not making me feel like I am stuck on a horrible diet- and it allows me to hide all kinds of green goodness in little man’s food.

I recently headed over to Safeway to stock up on some delicious dairy, and was thrilled to find out about their June Dairy Promotion in honor of Ice Age 2’s upcoming release this summer. When you buy $40 worth of dairy at Safeway for the rest of June, you can get 2 free movie tickets.

Yep- delicious food and free movies! Did I mention another thing my family loves is free stuff? And going to the movies? Who doesn’t?

Read on to see the delicious pizza and smoothie dinner I made for our family recently, and how we earned two free movie tickets from Safeway’s June dairy promotion!

First, I browsed the Safeway dairy section, trying to get a good idea of something to make for dinner last weekend. I’d love to say I am good about planning meals, but weekends are our lazy times to hang out as a family, and I often just get caught up in baby snuggles to concentrate on cooking. Luckily, I was greeted with TONS of delicious options while there.

The promotional items were all clearly marked and it was easy to figure out what counted towards free tickets and what didn’t.

I decided to grab some pizza crusts, shredded cheeses, coconut milk, orange juice, and yogurt for a pizza and smoothie feast. I also added cremini mushrooms, pizza sauce, and some fruit to the mix, though they obviously weren’t a part of the dairy promotion.

Little man can be a bit picky about food, but his favorite things are smoothies and pizza- two great dairy rich foods that I can use to conceal fruits and veggies to be sure he’s getting plenty of vitamins. I was also really excited to see that other dairy section items were included in the promotion- like orange juice and coconut milk. (And the pizza crust I used for his pizza.)

That gave me a lot of flexibility in shopping for products I knew we loved AND helped us score the free movie tickets!

For the pizza, I made little man some pizza using Pilsbury dough, mozzarella, and pizza sauce- with a bunch of spinach tossed in. I just laid a couple of handfuls of spinach on top of the crust when I pre-baked it according to package directions, and then covered it up with sauce and cheese. Little man ate a whole pizza by himself in just three meals! (This is an awesome meal for leftovers if you have any.)

For hubby and I, I made mushroom “pizza” by making the cremini caps our “crust”.

Not only are these incredibly delicious, they are so easy to make, low calorie, and grain free! I also tried them with portabellas, and they were even more delicious. These are my new favorite lunch meal- you could also add some sausage or a pepperoni to them, if you like!

What meal will you be making with dairy soon? What movie would you go see with two free movie tickets? I want to know!

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