Dishwasher Safe Easy Glitter Show Me Your Kitties Mug

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This dishwasher safe glitter mug makes an awesome gift- and takes under 10 minutes to make!


Ok. Guys. While I was in Australia, I found this awesome shop that is all over down under called Typo. They had all kinds of cheeky merchandise, and it was very hard to not buy up everything in their store. They had a ton of stuff for cat lovers, and I grabbed a ton of things for my bestie. But I really wanted a mug with something sparkly, shiny and fun for her- so I used one of the sayings I found and made her this incredibly easy, quick, and fun mug! And yea… it’s a bit humorous- just like us! This Dishwasher Safe Easy DIY Kitty Mug is sure to get a good laugh from your feline loving friends- and it’s seriously SO easy to make.

Did you know you can iron vinyl onto glass for a dishwasher safe finish- Check out how- with this hilarious mug!

Plus, I’m showing an incredibly unique way to mug a vinyl mug dishwasher safe. It’s not what you think- we’re going to use Iron On Vinyl!


Yep! We’re ironing vinyl. Onto a mug.

I haven’t lost my mind -I promise.

Ironing vinyl onto a mug actually makes it sit flat and stay put- even through the dishwasher!


This is hillarious- I have a few people I'd give this mug to!


To make these, we’ll need:

the Cricut Explore® machine is now available with the Cricut Iron-On Bundle!

A microwave and dishwasher safe mug – if it says oven safe, thats even better

a glue stick

12×24 Cutting Mats

Cricut Design Space™

or an x-acto knife and template

I grabbed all these supplies at JoAnns Fabric and Crafts- their Cricut aisle is awesome and full of ideas. You can also order directly from Cricut!

This super easy glitter DIY mug is hilarious- and has a completely unique technique to make it dishwasher safe!

First, I cut out the letters in Cricut Design Space with my cricut Explore. Follow the package instructions to find the proper heat setting- but keep it around a cotton heat setting on your iron.

We’ll then prep our mug by making sure it is thoroughly clean with rubbing alcohol. Let dry.

Next, we need to secure our letters onto the mug. Since iron on vinyl isn’t naturally sticky, we need to adhere it gently so we can actually iron it on with precision. If you’re using a big image (like the cat) no need to pre-adhere it- just go ahead and iron on. Because the letters are small and move easily, you need something to just give them grab to stay in place for the time being.

Simply dab a TINY amount of glue stick onto the back of the letters and arrange them on the mug. You don’t want much glue because you don’t want it to bloop out when you iron- but enough so it sticks. Let fully dry- about 10 minutes.

Next, heat up your iron to the settings specified on your vinyl. I like to keep a hand towel nearby in case the mug heats up a lot- so you can hold it without burning your hands.

this is the most awesome method to make vinyl dishwasher safe- you can IRON IT ON GLASS!

Iron over the letters carefully- be sure not to burn your hands! Since glass heats up, we don’t want to overdo it with the iron. I go for about 10-20 seconds, check if everything is sticking down and let cool a bit, then go over the letters again until everything looks nicely adhered. Repeat until you’ve gone over all letters and they are firm to the mug.

If you are using colored vinyl, you might want to lay a very thin towel over the iron to prevent it from sticking to the vinyl or the color coming off on it (especially if this is an iron you use on your clothes!!)

Let cool.

Check to see you ironed each area enough and vinyl is secure.

Let “cure” overnight.

This will adhere the vinyl to the glass enough to go through the dishwasher- but I still chose to hand wash mine to keep it going longer. If you’d like to remove the vinyl, you can use a cricut spatula to peel it off and remove any reside with rubbing alcohol.

Enjoy- and if you’re in need of a Cricut, be sure to use this code to Get free shipping with code: FREESHIP35!

This is so funny- and a super easy gift to make!


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  1. Just so you know, the vinyl sold in the stores is not “Cricut” brand vinyl. It is the same vinyl that is commercial grade vinyl. I can be Oracal, Avery, FDC, etc. to name a few. The thicker the vinyl, the lower the quality. Proper pressure, temperature and time is what will make your graphic stick as long as the item has been properly prepped, meaning clean and dry. Free of any oils and dirt.

  2. Definitely don’t waste your time on this. It is not dishwasher safe! It came right off when I ran it through my dishwasher

    1. Don’t use cricut vinyl, it’s cheap and doesn’t adhere as well. Use Siser Weed heat transfer vinyl. That’s what I use. Also, you need to make sure you give a good amount of pressure when you do it.

      I have a heat press with the mug extension and use siser weed for custom mugs. I’ve never had an issue with washing or the dish washer

      1. Patty.
        You must work for the vinyl company that you keep mentioning. Either that or you can’t follow instructions. I used cricut HTV and NOTHING came off in the dish washer. Fyi your tone is rude.