Easy & Beautiful Ways to Display Grocery Store Flowers

Make expensive looking bouquets with flowers from the grocery store- these tips are awesome!

With spring and summer entertaining season rapidly approaching, I paired up with Cambria Estate Winery to provide some easy, affordable and gorgeous tips to make your parties effortlessly elegant- just like Cambria’s wines. So today I am sharing easy & beautiful ways to display grocery store flowers – and bring a beautiful, natural feel just like you will find at the Cambria Winery to your home!

While you could certainly spend a fortune on pre-arranged bouquets for your parties, it really is possible to get a gorgeous bouquet (and a great bottle of wine to go with it) for under $25.

Before we start, I’m also over at Cambria today to show how to chill your wine without diluting it- and adding a little more style to your drink table with these amazingly gorgeous Floral Wine Ice Cubes– be sure to check it out!

Make ice cubes out of wine- chill your chardonnay without watering it down! This would be perfect for weddings, parties, and bridal showers!

First, let’s talk selection!

Figuring out which flowers to grab can be a bit complicated- especially when your local store has a great selection, but I have a few simple and easy tips:

-If you’re trying to stick with one type of flower, go for big blooms like gerber daisies, sunflowers, peonies, hydrangeas or mums. These flowers do usually carry a higher price tag- but you can display them on their own without having to add in other greenery or filler flowers.

– To fill out a bouquet of expensive, large blooms, find inexpensive flowers of the same color and fill in gaps with those. For example, with a white hydrangea bouquet, you can tuck white carnations inside the flower so you don’t see gaps and the bouquet has more bulk and shape. While not always my favorite flowers, inexpensive fillers like carnations can help fill out a bouquet if the colors are exactly the same!

– Group inexpensive flowers together. I LOVE larkspur, bells of Ireland, snapdragons and other tall, thin flowers- but they really need other flowers to help them take shape. Try adding in branches (as pictured), a few large blooms, or pick bright and radiant colors to give the look of being a full display without having to pay for a ton of flowers.

this is great- make a gorgeous flower bouquet with these easy tips to turn grocery store flowers into gorgeous bouquets!


Layer it up!

Look for flowers that have different heights to fill in space and keep your eyes moving. You don’t need to go overboard here, but I try to have different flowers at different heights. Try 2-4 varieties of flowers that display well at different levels.

For instance, in the photo above, I paired some beautiful larkspur with flowering willow branches. I didn’t have to do much to display them- just placed the branches in the middle of the vase, and filled the larkspur around them. This not only makes the bouquet look incredibly full, but tall. Neither flower looked complete on their own as they aren’t very wide- but displaying them together and varying heights made the bouquet look incredibly rich and full.

easy tips and tricks to make grocery store flowers look like a designer bouquet!

Stay Simple.

If you want to just toss your flowers in a vase and go, think about grabbing flowers that are all about the same size and color, and find flowers wide enough for your vase. You’ll want to create a sense of a lush, full bouquet to overcome the lack of diversity in the blooms- so pick dynamic flowers and pay attention to the shape they make.



Make grocery store flowers look like an expensive bouquet with these super easy tips and tricks!

Dress them up! For simple bouquets, sometimes the best way to display them is in a fun vase. Mercury glass, mason jars, metal tubs and even whimsical containers like teapots are some of my favorite ways to display flowers. Sometimes, all you need to do is pop flowers in a fun display and you’re set! Look around your house to find unique vases, or scour thrift shops for new and unique ideas- no need to spend a fortune on vases! I personally love the look I get from finding fun items that I use in a new way.


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