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There is a small diner near my alma mater, Colorado State University, who makes the best cinnamon rolls. Ever. I realize this sounds like a huge claim- but I assure you, the Silver Grill in Fort Collins, CO makes the BEST cinnamon rolls. And even better than their epic rolls is their delicious cinnamon roll toast.

What is cinnamon roll toast, you ask? A delicious sweet, caramely, crunchy, wonderful way to use leftover or slightly stale cinnamon rolls. Or for our family, the only way to make ’em. This recipe is so great it even makes those store bought cinnamon rolls something truly special- and it is really, really easy.


Here’s how I made them:

-1 package store bought cinnamon rolls, or leftover cinnamon rolls, of any recipe, that are one day old.


-nonstick pan or griddle

First, if you are using store bought cinnamon rolls, make them the night before, according to package directions- though I apply icing while they are hotter than I normally would so that it sinks into the roll more. Store them in the refrigerator overnight.

At breakfast time, cut cinnamon rolls in half, and place them in a hot, well buttered pan or griddletop. Flip to the other side after 1 1/2 minute and repeat- or when you start to smell the sugar caramelizing. It might look slightly burnt, but that is the caramelization of the sugar.


Serve warm with coffee, tea, or a frosty glass of milk alongside the rest of your breakfast (they go great with bacon). Yummy… I’m headed back to the store to see if they have some leftover rolls 😉

What are your favorite easy breakfast recipes? Link ’em here- I’d love to see them!
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