Easy DIY Kids Binoculars

quick and easy kids binoculars- just takes 5 minutes!

We absolutely love our preschool. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you might remember the struggles we’ve faced with my son’s speech and processing. We did speech therapy which helped him open up a bit, but just a few weeks into preschool, Finn was a completely different boy. He’s stronger, more confident, talking like he’s going for a daytime show, and has an incredible memory. He also has a lot of fun! He recently brought home some adorable binoculars they make in class, and they are getting a bit worn- so I decided to make him his own set of Easy Kids DIY Binoculars – just like the ones he made at school, but with some fun colors!

Of course, our daughter wants nothing more than to be just like her big brother. She thinks Finn is the coolest person on the planet, and has to have every toy he has. So we whipped her up a pretty pink pair, too! These are seriously so easy and take about 5 minutes a piece- you can easily make a bunch in one sitting.

So who’s up for a treasure hunt?


For each set of binoculars, you’ll need:

2 toilet paper tubes

2 pieces of scrapbook paper


hot glue

hole puncher

yarn, twine or string



Start by cutting your scrapbook paper to fit the tube.

With a preheated cool temperature glue gun, lay down a line of hot glue and secure one end of the paper.

Add beads of glue to the middle of the tube, and continue covering it around the tube until you get to the end and secure it with hot glue.

Glue tubes together to form binocular shapes.

When tubes are set, use a hole puncher and slide it into the side of the tube and punch a hole for string. Repeat on the other tube.

Tie string that is long enough to go around your child’s head- I’d make it with lots of extra length to avoid a choking risk.


Kids can add stickers and decorate it more, or head out and start looking around! Our kids love to “hunt” for birds and spiders in the backyard. They also love to run around the house looking for treasures with their “noculars”. It is so incredibly adorable, I absolutely love seeing them on treasure hunts!

This is such an easy activity, you can make a bunch for all your kids friends. Get them involved and have them help you pick out the colors of paper, cut the paper, add stickers or even color them. Kids love to craft, and this is an activity that they will love!



Quick and easy DIY kids binoculars- an awesome summer idea!

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