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A while ago, I shared some beautiful jewelry I received to review- Styled by Tori Spelling. I was given both the boho and noir lines to review.

I LOVED everything that came- and I have been having so much fun playing around with it!

I recently grabbed some black leather flats at Old Navy for $4 in the clearance bin. ($4 for shoes? LOVE! I actually grabbed two pairs so I can make two different creations.) They were really cute, but just plain. I wanted something fun to dress them up, and raided my stash to find a jewelry piece I loved to dress them up!

I settled on a native American inspired turquoise bib necklace. The bib necklace is a little bigger than necklaces I usually wear- but positively gorgeous! I really love the medallions on this necklace and plan to make a bunch of things with them.

The necklace is sturdy, but was also easy to separate with some needle nose pliers. I just opened the jump rings in between each medallion to separate them.

Each medallion has two small rings on each side, which I used to attach them in other projects- but for decorating shoes, they had to go. I bent them forwards and backwards with my pliers until they broke off, which only took a few seconds.


I then took the individual medallions and glued them onto a pair of super discounted black flats I found in the Old Navy clearance bin. These bad boys were only $4. Can you believe that? I got two pairs so I can dress up the other one with something else!

I used e6000, which permanently bonds metal, leather, and lots of other materials. If you want a glue that you can later remove, you could use hot glue- just reheat to remove.


How beautifully did these turn out? I just glued the tops of the medallions down, so the little beads would still dangle and move as I walked.

What are YOUR favorite ways to quickly refashion shoes and other accessories?

I was provided with the entire boho and noir lines by Styled by Tori Spelling to use in projects as a part of a promotion with Blueprint Social. All opinions are my own. 

2 thoughts on “Easy Embellished Shoes”

    1. thanks, gina! I love white and kelly green…. so beautiful! Reminds me of being in Ireland. All of the lovely brassy tones in the boho line of Styled by Tori Spelling would go fabulously with that!

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