Easy Embroidered Felt Birds Pillow

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Birds on a Wire felt embroidery pillow- so cute and easy to make!

First off, gather and then split your embroidery thread. Each strand is really 6 smaller strands- I just simply pull it in half and slowly separate it. This makes it a little easier and look a little more polished.

Next, cut out a pillow shape (want to find a trick to make the easiest pillow ever? check out this method), cut out birds of different colors (I didn’t use a set pattern- just free-handed a big shape that looks like a fat comma), and gather your embroidery thread in coordinating colors. DO not close your pillow- stuff/finish it after embroidering the birds on. (Unless you’ve got mad skills- then I salute you, my friend).

Using a piece of string, a ruler, or a fabric pen or chalk, mark off a straight line across your pillow, and straight stitch across the line to make a “wire”. (Easiest way? Lay a piece of masking or painting tape down across your pillow to mark the line. When you are done, pull it up and you don’t have to fuss with any mess!!!).

make embroidered felt birds

Now to make the birds:

Find the area you would like your bird’s eye to go, and make a knot. (Reference the two sites I am listing below for in-depth instructions on knots and simple embroidery techniques.)

Next, add on any embellishment you’d like. I added simple stitches to make a fan shape as the birds wings.

Once your birds are looking super cute, set them down on your pillow and pin them to keep them in place.

Carefully straight stitch around the sides of the birds to embroider them on the pillow- just be sure you aren’t going through the back side of the pillow and sewing it shut (speaking from someone who has never done such a thing….. riiiight).

To finish the birds off, make a few straight stitches in the shape of a triangle for a beak.


To get more information about making knots and other embroidery techniques, inlcuding step-by step photos of how to do each stitch, please see this post from Craft Quickies (where she made a super adorable stitched wool headband):


And Bev from Flamingo Toes’ super cute bookmark:


You could also add other shapes to your birds, or make this with other shapes all together.

Aren’t these fun and SO EASY? They aren’t super fast to make, but you can easily knock this out while watching a movie.

And they make for wonderful, unique gifts!

Dont embroidered felt bird pillow- so cute and actually easy to make!

I love all of the fun, bright colors. It goes so well in my daughter’s nursery– and she likes looking at all the birds! I think this will be my new go-to baby shower gift because it is so fun and unique, and you could make it to match any color combination! They are also wonderful spring birthday or Easter gifts.

felt bird pillow- a great craft to make while watching tv

Who would you make one of these for?

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  1. This is such a cute idea! Definitely pinning this and will be making some as gifts soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

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