Easy Felt Hearts & a Garland

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quick and easy felt heart garland

Who else is loving this time of year? The bright colors, the hearts and all of the love… the lead up to Valentine’s is so much fun.

And what is more fun than whipping up a ton of cute little felt hearts that you can turn into a banner, gift decor, or headband?

I’m going to show you a super easy, simple and quick way to make little felt hearts. You can get about 4 done in 10 minutes- so grab some felt, an embroidery needle, thread, scissors and pop in a good movie or show, and get to it!

First off, you’ll cut some felt into heart shapes. If you have a heart you really love, print it out and trace it onto the felt. You’ll want to cut two pieces of felt for every heart.

Next, follow the shape of your heart with a simple stitch, as shown below:


Once you’ve gone all the way around, knot the thread together so it doesn’t unravel.

There you go- some adorable hearts!

how to make felt hearts   quick and easy felt hearts

Now, to make these a garland, simply pinch the heart together so you only have one piece of felt (you dont want the stitch showing on the front of the heart), and stitch through the backside of the heart. Add on as many hearts as you’d like to make a chain of any length! Hang over doorways, on the backs of chairs, in your home’s entryway… anywhere you’d like a sweet, whimsical addition to your valentine’s decor.


You could also add a cotton ball or a little fiber fill to make these hearts puffy!

What is your favorite quick and easy way to decorate for valentines? Be sure to stop back in next week because I am going to show some slightly more detailed (but still totally easy) felt hearts to make for your valentine!

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