Easy Food Storage & Fresh Food Guide

This guide to food storage is awesome!

Freshness, wrapped up.

As a mom and food blogger, I am always having a hard time managing food in our house. We’re always trying new things, doctoring things we didnt like, and making new meals out of leftovers. One of the biggest problems we have is keeping our leftovers fresh and organized- and I sometimes struggle with keeping food I’ve prepped for future dishes fresh. I came up with this fun and easy food storage and fresh food guide to help me keep track of what’s going on in my fridge and to help cut waste- I hope it does the same for you!

I’m always trying to keep food fresh and trying to use up leftovers in a way to reduce as mush waste as possible. I regularly use Glad products in my home to make sure we keep our food safe- but also to protect food from refrigerator smells, and to keep food prepped and ready to go for complicated meals that I like to prepare in advance for.

These are based on food safety recommendations and my own personal findings (I tend to keep things for a shorter amount of time than some guides say because while the food might be safe to eat, it may have lost it’s flavor. Please always reheat to 170 degrees internally if serving leftovers to avoid food borne illness.)

1-2 days

Berries, salads, asparagus, mushrooms, cherries.

Cakes with whipped cream

Homemade mayonnaise

2-4 days

Fish (raw)

Baked goods, cakes, fresh breads

Raw meats

6 days

Fully cooked chicken, fish and meat. Be sure to reheat fully (not in a slow cooker) to ensure safety.

1 week

Celery, carrots, beets, many other fruits and vegetables.

2-4 months

Storebought BBQ sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, fish sauce, etc.

12 months


Go ahead and pin this handy guide to keep it handy- and be sure to check out Glad Food Storage items in a store near you!

how long to keep leftovers- this is a good guide plus some great storage tips!

Now that we’ve talked about how long things stay fresh, I want to quickly talk about some of the ways I keep them ready to use without totally taking over our fridge- including using some of my favorite Glad products! I absolutely love using Press ‘n Seal for covering bowls, plates, even cups. It is a truly unique food storage wrap- it sticks to itself and most surfaces, even things other food wraps won’t cling to! And it gives you a strong, reliable seal to keep air out and keep your food fresh.

Hot tip: wrap over berry packages to keep fruit from spoiling an extra day longer. Normal wraps won’t stick to the flat cardboard berry boxes, but press ‘n seal does! This usually extends my berry and cherry shelf life an extra 1-2 days!

tips for storing fresh foods - this guide is great!

For larger prepped meals, I love Glad containers. The entree containers are perfectly sized for me to plate up our main course and a small side or salad for my husband to take to work- and it is compact enough that it fits well in crowded refrigerators. We’re pretty awful at using up leftovers (a quest I will someday tackle!!), and I appreciate being able to sort them quickly and see what is in them.

Hot tip: add a colored mark to your containers for every day of the week with different colored sharpies. This will help you keep track of what has been in the refrigerator for how long, and what leftovers you need to use up first. It can also help you plan ahead for parties or prep work!

great food storage tips!

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