Faux Ice Cream Brownie Cake

faux ice cream brownie cake- this is SUCH a fun idea! The ice cream is really frosting!

When Amber from Crazy Little Projects asked me to be a part of her Birthday Week celebrations, I jumped at the chance. Amber always has a ton of fun ideas on her blog, and the timing was impeccable- especially because today just happens to be my birthday! To celebrate, I came up with a really fun birthday treat that looks like a plain old ice cream sundae… but it’s really a faux ice cream brownie cake! Thats right- the big heaping scoops of ice cream you see pictured are really icing. And the unassuming waffle bowl actually has a brownie baked right into it!

And this dessert, which would be great for a birthday party, a special treat, or even for April Fools Day, is amazingly easy to make!

After you’ve checked out this fun recipe, please head over to Crazy Little Projects for tons of other birthday ideas… as well as a giveaway for a $50 groupon credit and $50 to spend on Erin Condren supplies!

So much fun! Trick birthday ice cream sundae- there is a brownie hidden in the waffle bowl and the ice cream is really frosting!

Kelly at Smart School House recently shared a recipe for (edible) Ice Cream Playdough and I knew I had to incorporate it in a dessert sometime. I also wanted to try out an idea I had for making brownies inside a waffle bowl, to make ice cream sundaes even more amazingly decadent.

With Amber’s Birthday Week over on Crazy Little Projects, I wanted to add something totally fun, unexpected, full of sprinkles (shocker… Courtney loves sprinkles), and a perfect idea for a birthday. This faux ice cream brownie cake is PERFECT! And so totally good!





For my no-fail brownie mix, check out this post. You’ll want to replace the peppermint extract with vanilla, but it is otherwise my go-to brownie recipe. When mixed, add to waffle cone bowls and bake until a toothpick comes out clean. I did actually find the brownie mix widened my bowls a bit, so if you can find an oven safe bowl that will fit your waffle bowl to help it hold its shape, it works best.

When the brownie is done cooking and the entire bowl has cooled, coat with a thin layer of melted chocolate and roll in sprinkles (or generously sprinkle the entire bowl). This helps disguise the brownie- people aren’t as drawn to it because they are checking out the fun sprinkles!


Next, you’ll need to scoop on some “ice cream”. I used Kelly’s recipe from Smart School House for edible ice cream playdough. Since it is just powdered sugar and icing, it actually tastes great on cakes! Be sure to head to her blog for all the details- there are some tricks to getting the consistency just right!

I then topped the “sundae” with more sprinkles and some chocolate syrup. What’s better than chocolate syrup over a brownie in a bowl dipped in chocolate? Nothing. That’s what!

I went WAY overboard with my icing serving because I was so in love with how realistic the ice cream play dough looks, so you’ll want to scale it back to about a scoop. When you break the cake and bowl apart with a spoon, you can just push the icing around on everything so you get some in every bite. Its surprisingly easy to eat- but you will want a plate or bowl to eat it in to avoid a major mess.


such a fun idea- a brownie cake that looks like an ice cream sundae! The cup has a brownie inside and the ice cream is really frosting!

6 thoughts on “Faux Ice Cream Brownie Cake”

  1. uh… yum! But why would you ever really want to replace real ice cream?! lol I’m a bit of an ice cream FOOL! This looks fabulous though and I totally want to try to make that dough because I could SO see P trying to eat play dough!

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