February Photo a Day Challenge

February photo challenge #1adaywithsweetcs

It’s here! It’s here!

It is oficially Love Your Camera month here at Sweet C’s!

We’re going to be spending a whole month with our cameras (DSLR, point and shoot and even smartphones) in an effort to LOVE the pictures we take. It’s going to be so much fun!

To kick off the month, I am launching a new 1 a day photo challenge! Take a bunch one day… do them regularly… do it when you remember… just HAVE FUN and get snapping. This is just a way to help you bond with your camera and try taking shots of new things! (Because sometimes all we need for inspiration is a change of scenery).

You’ll notice there are a few days missing. Use those to make your own word, take a day off or do a repeat!

Be sure to share your photos on Instagram with hashtag #1adaywithsweetcs and follow me along here:


Be sure to stick around for all of the Love Your Camera Series at Sweet C’s! There are some fun giveaways, rockin guest posts, and lots of camera love coming all month long. love your photos promo poster


1 thought on “February Photo a Day Challenge”

  1. JUst starting this now. I’m pretty pumped for all the information that you share. My photos really lack compensation and the qualities that make them good. Right now they are just “eh!” but I really am looking forward to making them way better. THANKS!

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