First Day of School Printables

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I’ve never, ever made First Day of School Printables. I love coming up with fun printables for people to use in their decor or for photo props- but I never really put any thought into it because my kids are still very much in diapers. But this year, we’re gearing up for August… ¬†because little man is starting PRESCHOOL!

Four hours two times a week to get to spend with my sweet baby girl, and time for little man to make friends, work even more on developing his speech, learn social situations and more- I am so excited! (and I’ll admit it… a little teary eyed).

This year I wanted to make something fun that would work for boys and girls, but still be full of color.

Just print and have your child write down what they want to be when they grow up (or write it for them).

Then you can take a snap of them on the front steps on the way to school, and tuck this away in a memory book. I’ll have a coordinating set next spring so you can see how much your kiddos have grown during the school year!

first day of school printables at - these are fun ways to document how your kids grow throughout their school years! Write in what they want to be when they grow up, and use as a photo

Click on each printable below to download.

[paiddownloads id=”45″]

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[paiddownloads id=”47″]

[paiddownloads id=”39″]

[paiddownloads id=”40″]

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[paiddownloads id=”42″]

[paiddownloads id=”43″]

[paiddownloads id=”44″]


What are you most excited for this school year? Time alone? A big milestone of new teacher?

8 thoughts on “First Day of School Printables”

  1. Super cute printable! There is a tiny typo, however. The second “I” in the last sentence missed being capitalized.
    Just fixing mine with a marker today. I just thought you’d like to know! Have a great day!

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