Fix Broken Pins After Moving to WordPress Changing Domains


how to fix broken pins after moving your site from blogger to wordpress or a new domain

I’ve had SO many requests to help people fix their pins after converting from Blogger to WordPress, I HAD to publish this post Fix Broken Pins After Moving to WordPress Or Changing Domains earlier than I planned! For the rest of you following through the series, be sure to watch for my Blogger to WordPress posts COMING SOON- you really CAN do it yourself!

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october openings



Let’s get started. So you recently switched from Blogger to WordPress, and it looked like everything went ok. But all of a sudden, you notice your old pins arent working. What gives?? Well, its likely your permalinks. Don’t worry- we can fix it! Today I am going to walk you through the process, with two friends of mine- Kara of Mine for the Making (who was on Blogger) and Sarah of Bombshell Bling (who just moved from, another WordPress blog).


First things first, before undertaking ANY blog design/developing work, BACK UP YOUR BLOG. Tiny errors can make the entire thing break. I am not liable for any problems caused to your blog. Please be sure you know how to backup and re-install should something go wrong. I use this service to back up my own blog (contains an affiliate link), and it is worth far far more than the $9/month I pay for it.


1) Select your permalink structure. I chose “post name” {  /%postname%/   } to keep content timeless. You could pick another structure, but this is one of the best for SEO unless your site is news-based where you want it to be clearly defined in time. Otherwise, good content should never be aged by an old post date!

2) Be sure to have Yoast’s SEO for wordpress installed. This plugin will help resolve some redirect problems.

3) If you’re a blogger who moved from the blogger platform to WordPress, you’ll need to update your permalinks. Blogger adds on extra data at the end of posts that wordpress doesnt, so when old pins have the old address it won’t go through. If you are a wordpress blogger who is moving to another domain- skip this step. 

-To fix this,  download this plugin from Just Insomnia- Maintain Blogger Permalinks. Its free, but be sure to tip if you’re grateful for fabulous help! Its how developers offer free tools.


-Next, open the plugin and hit the big button! You’ll see the permalink changes when it is done.

fix broken pins after a wordpress move- maintain permalinks


-You can now delete this plugin.



4) Next, we need to install and run a program that will make sure all of your internal links are working properly called search regex. Again, BACK UP before running this program. You can find Search Regex in the plugin repository in your WordPress Dashboard.

Once installed, open it up. You’ll find it in tools- search regex.

First, we need to change our inbound links. So if you moved from another site, or just a blogger site, this step will be the same.

a) Type your old blog’s name in the “search pattern” line. In the example below, I was helping Sarah redirect all her posts from to so we needed to change all incoming links within her site. 


how to change your blog's inbound links


c) Look over results. If it looks good, and there are no typos, click “replace and save”.


how to change and replace your blogs inbound links



d) Once that is done, we need to change the post structure. This is because blogger uses extra characters that wordpress doesn’t. If you didn’t move from blogger (like Sarah’s craftquickies to bombshell bling move wordpress move), skip this step. She was always on wordpress, so there is no need to drop the extra characters blogger added to posts.


e) Next, we’re going to use the regex.

-Take the code below and post it in your site. PLEASE NOTE- the | | is a part of the code! Don’t take out those lines. They are important!




-Next, in “replace pattern”, add the following code:$1/$2/$3/


-Click to check the “regex” box.  

-Click “search”. If it all looks good, you have no typos and the codes look exactly as above (with your own website in instead of, click “replace and save”.

fix pins after moving from blogger to wordpress- search regex

5) Now you should be done. However, you may need one additional step if some of your old pins aren’t working. We will want to be sure your old website is redirecting to your new website properly (only if you changed a domain name- if your previous blog had the same name, this is unnecessary).

6) To do this, we need to login to your host or domain registrar and access your domain forwarder. I am showing how on Bluehost below, because it is what I use, and they are SO easy to navigate! Don’t have Bluehost? Godaddy, Host Gator and other large hosting services will look different but the process is the same- peek around a bit or shoot me an email and I can get specific directions on those.

Login and select “domains”.

Select “redirect”.

Select the OLD blog domain.

In the top box, type in your old domain (below, we’re typing in

In the next box, type in your NEW domain (below, it is

Select 301 (permanent), with or without www., and WILD CARD. By checking wildcard, you are allowing any post to forward. This means all your posts will forward- not just the main site.

how to redirect a website



For example, if you go to (where Sarah’s post was originally published, and has been pinned on Pinterest), it will automatically redirect you to

SUPER EASY! Your pins stay put, you won’t lose traffic, and your new blog is working perfectly. That wasn’t too difficult, was it?



Stay tuned- because soon I will have a post up if those tricks don’t work. Unfortunately in blog design, there is no magic one-size-fits-all solution and sometimes things can go wrong. But never fear- we’re here to figure this out together!


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  1. Courtney,

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I just changed my domain name and I overwhelmed with the task of changing all of my old links! I really appreciate you sharing this information!


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