Friend Me Friday- Picture Style

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Howdy friends, I am here to offer my apologies. I am apparently terrible at remembering to post Friend me Fridays. Oops!

Today we’re going to go for double the fun, and link up two of my favorite addictions- Pinterest and Instagram. I could spend hours playing with Instagram, and we all know what a time suck Pinterest is.

So skip the technology 12 step program for now- ’cause I am your new enabler! Let’s get the picture love flowing!


Here are the (very loose) rules:

-Please link up your Pinterest and/or Instagram Accounts (leave your Instagram account in the comments since it wonk link up)

-Accounts that promote your store/business/blog are totally cool- no need to share personal accounts if you’d rather not!

-Please follow at least 3 other accounts for each account you link up. So if you do a pinterest and instagram account, share the love with 6 others! This helps everyone build followers and make the party worthwhile!

-Have fun!

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