Game Day Football Party Ideas

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game day football party ideas

It’s that time of year- the weather is cold, the TV’s are busy, and the couch is crowded.

It’s football season!

If you’re looking for a way to make the big game parties a little more festive and fun, I have some simple ideas that are easy enough to throw together to please even the rowdiest of crowds.


football party

First off, I wanted to share a little “snack station” idea with you. This isn’t a full spread, but a little tablescape you can add to a side table or small buffet and set up a few around your party so guests aren’t all constantly climbing over each other. Set up a few of these around your seating and you won’t have a ton of blocked views!

Nothing kills the action of a great play (or awesome commercial….) like someone getting up for more chips and dip. Lessen your foot traffic by staggering food around the party!

I simply tossed down some green burlap and added some white cloth tape to mimic a field, and added a mini upright to add some vertical height. (To make a goalpost, simply cut two white pieces of heavy paper in half, and roll each piece into a tube shape. Tape together into a goalpost shape. If it needs a little helps standing upright, add a dowel in the middle and pop a piece of Styrofoam under the burlap, skewer it in, and you have a base for it to stand on).


football party ideas

To serve food in easy single-serve containers, I like to use striped, polka dot and chevron party bags and nut cups from The Tomkat Studio. I also grabbed some of their paper straws, mason jars and daisy lids for serving drinks!

I coordinated colors to my team (The Denver Broncos’ orange and blue)- so I placed orange (Nacho Cheesier) and blue (blue corn) chips in orange striped bags with a navy blue striped bakers twine ribbon around them. You could eve tuck a rolled up navy blue napkin in between the twine and the bag for easy serving!

You could also add some mini-croquets full of chili, color coordinated fruit and veggies in the cups (I did blueberries and oranges, natch), or pile them high with cookies.

I also teamed mine up with some delicious chewy molasses ginger football cookies (recipe here).

chewy molasses ginger footballs


Need more gameday ideas? Here’s a hand little list of my favorite football party tips!

tips for throwing a football viewing party


What are your favorite football party ideas? Link them to the Sweet C’s Facebook Page!

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