Get Kids Excited to Garden and Grow Something Greater!

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My toddlers (2 & almost 4) are starting to really notice the things around them and perk up when learning fun new things about flowers, gardening, and how they can help make things grow. I’ve been looking for ways to make gardening fun for them and get them thinking about how plants are special- they feed us and give us pretty things to look at- and how we should treat plants with respect and help them grow, just like we try to do with each other.

While these are big concepts for a little kid to learn, they are really starting to understand how watering, weeding, and nourishing plants helps them get big and beautiful. And it is SO fun to see them take pride in the work that they put in to making our garden and indoor plants grow… it is my turn to watch as they Gro Something Greater and learn all about how plants grow with our help and love. This year, for us, we’re all about Growing our Family Traditions and helping to Grow Our Kids Love For Gardening!

I am absolutely thrilled when they ask to water their plants, give their plants food, or help me plant seeds and make sure weeds aren’t destroying our precious plants.

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Getting them interested in gardening wasn’t immediate- it definetely took time. Toddlers are interested in the now- they don’t want to sit around and watch plants grow. And they REALLY don’t want to watch a potted plant die or fail to grow from it’s seed. That’s why I’ve been extra picky this year about using Miracle-Gro plant food (we love the organic choice plant food), and their perfect potting soil for our kid’s plants, as well as other products that help our backyard look fantastic.

I also found it’s easiest to have them help when you treat them as equals. I encouraged my kids to pick out the plants we buy, ask them to help with even the tough jobs, and let them know that they are an important part of our family’s garden!

When I buy myself garden gloves, watering cans, shovels or tools, I buy smaller ones that work perfectly for the kids. They like to learn how all of the tools work, and love that the work they do is just as important as mine. In a world that is often “too big” and full of rules for kids, the garden is a great place to build little one’s confidence, fine motor skills, interest in colors, and knowledge about plants. I think some of our favorite lessons will always be centered around growing plants and creating a garden- I know growing up those were always my favorite memories.

We’ve been working hard on some projects that the kids have really enjoyed- stay tuned to see more of our garden progress and learn how Miracle-Gro and help you Gro Something GreaterMiracle-Gro is looking to share YOUR stories- please head over and tell them what YOU are growing this year!

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