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I am always at a loss for fun, inexpensive (and fast) stocking stuffers. I always wait until the last minute and end up spending a ton of time buying stuffers that end up being almost more expensive than gifts I give!

This year I am trying to make plenty of fun items ahead of the big day- and this year I wanted to give something cute and toasty to the people I love. We will be heading up to Beaver Creek, CO after Christmas until the New Year- and it can get really chilly! On New Years Eve, the ski area hosts a “glowstick parade” of skiers heading down the slopes, followed by a firework display. It is beautiful- but often COLD! This year my loved ones will all be getting hand warmers to help keep us warm!

I’ve seen tons of these on Pinterest and wanted to make some fun warmers myself using some white felt scraps, and then embellished some of them with some adorable felt cutouts I had on hand. The whole project cost me nothing- and was done in under 5 minutes! Take that, Santa!


First, take two sheets of felt, and draw out your designs. I made a heart and a circle shape by drawing them with a marker. (You can trace the bottom of a cup, mug or bowl for a perfect circle).


Cut the shapes out, and sew almost all the way around them. I wanted to show my seams, so I didn’t turn it inside out- but if you’d like your warmers to look more like a pillow, with no exposed seams, go ahead and sew like you would a pillow.


Fill the warmer with rice, and finish off the seam where you had an open hole for the rice.


You can embellish with a felt cutout, or leave the warmers plain- whatever fits you the best! You can use a straight stitch or a zig zag- or I could have used white thread for an invisible seam, and embroidered over it. It is totally up to you how detailed or simple you can make these!

Microwave for 40 seconds and test warmth. If it isn’t warm enough, pop it back in for 20 seconds.


What are your favorite gifts made with items you already have on hand?

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20 thoughts on “{give great gifts} 5 Minute Hand Warmers”

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    1. Lisa,

      It depends on how big you make the hand warmers- but they stay warm for 10-20 minutes. It works the best if you overheat them a bit- pull them out of the microwave with a potholder and let them sit for a minute or two until cool enough to hold and they will retain warmth longer. Also, if you put them in a mitten, they will stay warmer longer. They aren’t quite as long lasting as the store bought warmers, but there are no chemicals and they are much less expensive!

      I am making a bunch today for stocking stuffers and I am going to put a few drops of essential oil in some and mix in a few lavender buds in the other. Aromatherapy warmers!!!

  2. Really Really cute idea! I make Rice Bags for babies…my kids would love if I had this for them though!!! Great neighborhood gift too!

  3. Great idea, will make them for sure.
    I hope Santa brings you a new cuttingmat, it seems you can use a new one
    Saw this on Tipjunkie

    1. haha- that is my old cutting mat that I actually use to just paint on. I was a wee bit lazy after a night of painting bottle bags- I didnt move it out of the picture- my nice, big, beautiful mat is underneath 😉 .

  4. I made something similar for my friends and some LOL friends I met in an assisted living facility while my brother was there. I made “corn bags” in 2 sizes — one that is big enough for back aches or to warm cold feet in bed, the other one smaller to warm up hands. Yours are cuter, I must say. I made them in pillow form and put an envelope-type flannel covering on them so they’re washable. I’ll try yours, as I have a few more quick gifts to make and yours are definitely quicker.

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