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I’ve been spotlighting great gifts to give your family and friends since late November, but I wanted to take a moment this weekend and ask you to consider one of the greatest gifts you can give- the gift of an education. My church, St. Spyridon’s Greek Orthodox Church in Loveland, Colorado is lucky to have a fabulous priest, Father Evan, who has helped to set up an amazing fund making a big impact in Africa.

The St. Nektarios fund has provided over 430 scholarships- over $230,000- to African students of any tribe, ethnicity, or religious group. The fund has also constructed two school sites in Gulu, Uganda and Serem, Kenya. These schools can provide an education for 650 students- and one other school site is currently being built in Uganda for over 150 students which will include dormitories, a science lab, a clean water well, a cafeteria and is  solar powered. Instead of just constructing these sites and handing them over, The Saint Nektarios Fund utilizes local contractors, and sets up a board of local residents to oversee operations, so it truly belongs to the town.

The fabulous grassroots nature of the Saint Nektarios fund allows for over 95% of every dollar given goes to students and projects directly on the ground in Africa. You can make a life-changing donation for as little as $5, $10, or $20 dollars. A donation in the name of a loved one is always a humbling, honoring gift at Christmas!

Please take a moment to watch this inspiring video, and check out the St. Nektarios Fund website here (the site is currently being updated- check back soon for lots of new info!).

You can donate directly to the St. Nektarios Fund here.

While planning your fabulous gifts for family and friends this winter, please consider giving to a wonderful organization changing lives every day and check out the Saint Nektarios Fund.

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give great gifts

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