{give great gifts} No Bake Treats in under 20 minutes!

I have to admit- I am a bit of a scrooge this Christmas season. It’s not that I am not excited to celebrate the season, but I am exhausted. I’m only at 21 weeks pregnant with baby #2, but I’m starting to swell, and the fatigue that is supposed to be a first trimester symptom is hitting me- hard. I didn’t even really want to get a Christmas tree- it just seemed like too much work! I am all about simple, quick gifts this year- and this week I am focusing on gifts that take 20 minutes or less.

Clearly, the all day bake-fests of cookies and treats I had done in the past were not in my future this year. This year, I am going completely no-bake!! And you know what? I am still giving some tasty treats!!!


First, I was seriously motivated by Summer of Sumo’s Sweet Stuff’s awesome guest post and made some hot chocolate spoons! Dip spoons in chocolate and add some festive sprinkles for a fun hot cocoa stirrer! (Check the post link for an adorable way to give these).


Next, I made some delicious cookie dough bites (no eggs- they taste just like cookie dough, and are safe to consume raw! SOOO addictive) and peanut butter balls- using the recipe from Whimsical Princess’ DIY Reeses’ eggs. These two recipes are super easy- mix, roll into balls, and either dip in chocolate or drizzle with chocolate. Make them at the same time and you only have to melt the chocolate chips once! I am hoping we have enough of these to give out, because hubby and I keep eating them.


Finally, I put some jumbo mallows on a stick, dipped them in melted red candy melts, and sprinkled some white nonperils on them for some fun and festive Santa Mallows! Let cool until set and package with a cocoa mug or cocoa pouches! Just dip in hot cocoa!


No more excuses- scrap the bake-a-thon and give some fun, delicious no-bake treats this year instead!!

What are YOUR favorite no-bake gifts?

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13 thoughts on “{give great gifts} No Bake Treats in under 20 minutes!”

    1. Thanks! And they are SO easy… be sure to stop by Sumo’s blog too and check out some of her fabulous ideas… I LOVE the hot cocoa spoons she shared with me- I had to make some for myself!

  1. I know just what you mean about making easy things for Christmas treats! I just had a baby 4 weeks ago (#4) and I NEED easy right now! Thanks for the yummy ideas, they look delicious! =)

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