{give great gifts} PB Pointsettia Pillow Knockoff for under $10

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I love Pottery Barn- so many gorgeous ideas, and beautiful decorations. I found this beautiful Pointsettia Pillow- and almost bought it immediately- before I realized I could make something similar myself- in under 10 minutes and for less than $10!

This is an easy sewing project- almost no-sew (and can be entirely no-sew if you have a stapler that will go through a few folds of felt). Best part- you can use a pillow you already have in your house, or make a quick pillow using burlap and some fiberfill like I did.


You’ll need:

Pre-made Pillow (Mine was a 10×10 burlap pillow- I just made a basic pillow from two squares of burlap and tossed in some cheap fiberfill- get the fabric and fill with a coupon for under $6).

Craft Bells- (craft store $1/pack)

1/4 yard white felt (under $3)

Hot Glue

Sewing machine OR Stapler that will go through a few yards of felt.


First, cut petal shapes out of the felt. I made 12- four of three different sizes- large, medium and small. I didn’t use a template- just cut what would be large enough to fill a good part of the pillow. I traced sizes on paper to figure out the perfect sizes.


Next, fold the petal in a couple of times- make three to four folds in the base. (I did some with three, some with four- just to vary up the textures).


Pinch the bottom of the petal to keep it taut, and straight stitch along the base. If you don’t want to sew (or are not a sewer), you can staple the fabric at the base- just be sure your stapler is heavy enough to go through that much felt. You won’t see the base- this is just to keep the pleating in the petals in tact.


Next, lay out your petals, starting with the largest on the bottom, and hot glue to the pillow. Next, hot glue the medium pillows, but a little closer to the center to the pillow. Finish by hot gluing the small petals into the center of the pillow- all bases of the small pillow should be compact and touch.


Glue bells into the middle (i used various sizes, but you can do what you like), and you’re done!


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  1. Love how your pillow turned out, it looks better than the PB version. I also love to get inspiration from PB, but the high prices always have me looking for ways of making my own, so your tutorial is greatly appreciated.

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