Glittered & Gilded Eggs

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glittered & gilded eggs- a perfect addition to a classy, elegant #easter table setting or display! #glitter #eggs


I love decorating for different holidays- but Easter isn’t always my favorite to decorate for. Don’t get me wrong- I love fun pastels and bunnies- but it just doesnt always go with all of our home decor.

I wanted to make something a bit shinier and more suitable to a fancy affair (one can dream of a beautiful and swanky Easter brunch, right??), and fit a little bit more in our formal dining room.

I also wanted to make some eggs that could be added in with other decor and last months after the candy has all been consumed… so I came up with some fun, beautiful and astonishingly easy glittered and glided eggs you can add to any decor!


To make these eggs, you’ll need:


-mod podge

-a brush to apply mod podge

-Martha Stewart Gilding (I used silver)


-gloves, well ventilated area (for gilding use)

-paper mache eggs (can be found at your local craft store)


To begin, I gilded my silver eggs. Read the back of the gilding carefully- I didn’t use plastic gloves (but I should have), but I did use it in a well ventilated area. It has a strong scent and you might want to skip it if pregnant.

Basically, I just painted the eggs with the gilding. It is incredibly easy to use. Paint on and let dry, repeat if needed. SO EASY, and it looks like silver leaf. I am in love with these little guys!


For the Mod Podged glittered eggs, I simply smeared Mod Podge all over the eggs.


Slowly add glitter all over the wet Mod Podge- making sure to cover all areas of the egg, and let dry. If you have uncovered spots, just go over them with a little mod podge and more glitter and let dry completely again.

When fully dry, shake gently to remove excess glitter. Carefully go back over the egg with another layer of mod podge to seal the glitter so it doesnt go everywhere. Don’t brush too aggressively or you’ll scrape some glitter off.


Add to a tablescape, set out on individual plates, use to fill a vase- these little beauties have so many uses!

glittered and gilded eggs- a quick and easy way to transform your Easter decor to an elegant display ! #glitter #martha #modepodge #easter

What is your favorite Easter decor? Do you ever have a formal, elegant Easter dinner? Or do you prefer pastels and bunny tails?

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