Green Chili Crack Dip

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Green chili crack dip- this is so addictive and easy to make! This is our FAVORITE party dip and its always gone before anything else! find it at ! #dip #summer #greenchili

I felt a little weird about writing an entire post about my “secret” dip. I’ve been making “crack dip”- molten lava cheesy goo sent directly from the heavens- for a long time. And while it’s the easiest thing to make, I constantly have friends asking me how I make it. So today I’m letting the cat out of the bag.

And I kind of feel guilty, because I don’t have some 15 step recipe where you make fresh and delicious green chili from scratch- or use non-processed and totally artificial cheese product. Nope. I’m going the easy route because, well, its just SO dang good. Like, 12 step good. I’ll admit it, I have a problem. That’s the first step, right?

I actually used to make this with regular old chili, and it was fantastic. One Broncos game we were out of chili but had some green chili, and my hubby figured “why not”? I was totally mad at him for perverting my “recipe”- until I tasted it. Bless that man, because he stumbled right into genius. And so the green chili variety of crack dip was formed- and we haven’t looked back.

So if you’re ready to let your inner fat kid rejoice, grab a can or two of green chili, some Velveeta and check out how I make it below. And don’t forget the stretchy pants.


2 ingredient green chili crack dip- delicious and so easy to make! You won't be able to stop eating this- its so addictive! find it at ! #dip #summer #greenchili

For this dip, you’ll need:

1-2 cans of Stokes Green Chili (can’t find stokes? Any green chili will do- but after extensive taste testing over the years, hubby and I firmly believe this is best). If you don’t like green chili you can add a can of regular old chili- but trust me, the green chili is TOTALLY worth trying. Stokes is NOT gluten free. It does contain wheat. So if you’re GF, pick another brand.

Green Chili Crack Dip
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • -12 oz green chili sauce (I love stokes green chili or 505 green chile sauce)
  • -1package velveeta
  • -Microwave safe bowl or fondue pot
  • -Chips, pretzels, tortillas or other dip delivery vessels
  1. First, cut the velveeta. I like to cut it into pretty small pieces so it melts easier. Then toss em in a big microwaveable bowl or fondue pot with the green chili. Microwave for 1 minute bursts until melted, stirring frequently in between. You dont want to over microwave it, because it will burn a bit on the sides. If using a fondue pot, keep it on low and stir frequently.
  2. When it's all melted- rejoice. You've now made crack dip. Bust out those stretchy pants, and devour.




Green chili crack dip- the BEST food for a party! It is so addictive and delicious and only takes a few minutes to make! find it at ! #dip #summer #greenchili

What is your favorite party food? Or your favorite dip?



7 thoughts on “Green Chili Crack Dip”

  1. That is too funny, our Cheesy Crack Dip is made with Rotel, and we use only the Frito Corn Chip, the big ones….
    I have been weaned on this stuff.
    Just a little tip, this last year Velveeta came out with a less fat version and you can’t tell the difference. I made two batches because my people would have tarred or rather cheesed and feathered me if I messed with their dip, but we couldn’t tell the difference…..Less Fat, mean more Dips

    Merry Christmas and Happy Dipping

    1. Karen- its one can of chili per small velveeta stick. For the large one, you need 2 cans of chili or it will be extra cheesy (not a huge problem, but you wont get as much chili flavor). If I only have one can of chili on hand I just make the 1/2 amount and then save the rest for later!

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