{healty recipes} Gluten Free Pizza Dough and Cinnamon Muffins!

I have recently started the Paleo Diet- and have had amazing success. So far the hubby and I are both down a size and 10 lbs a piece, and we aren’t ever hungry! After giving up all sugar, flour and starches though, we do miss some yummy staples like baked goods. I haven’t experimented a lot with almond flour, but I found an amazing website full of delicious gluten free recipes- Comfy Belly. I just couldn’t keep this great find all to myself!

Today I tried the cinnamon bun muffins and the cheease bread pizza dough. While paleo is dairy free, we opted to cheat a little bit so we could enjoy some mozzarella on our pizza. We haven’t had any problems with dairy, and we’re still losing even with a little bit added back to our daily diets.

The thing I love most about baking with almond flour? You just dump everything in, mix, and go! No rising, no “mix all dry ingredients, then fold into wet ingredients”…. just dump it all in and stir. Even though the two recipes here didn’t have sugar, they were fabulous. I will definitely be making the cinnamon bun muffins at least once a week!

I am pleased to say they turned out fabulous. The pizza was a bit rich after a slice- eating nut flour really, really fills you up. Next time I might cut it with some coconut or tapioca flour, or try a lighter dough.

To my lovely readers out there who are going gluten free, or would like to try out some GF recipes- head on over to Comfy Belly today and check out her fabulous ideas!



3 thoughts on “{healty recipes} Gluten Free Pizza Dough and Cinnamon Muffins!”

    1. Thanks, Caroline! I am trying gluten free for a while, but not out of celiac. I have lost a lot of weight so far trying it, and I am really excited when I find good recipes!

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