How To Get Even More Rewards Points

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How to get even more rewards points – travel more frequently for free by increasing your travel rewards with these best rewards card travel hacks!




Started your path to traveling free, but looking for tips and tricks to maximize your rewards card travel?

You’re in the right place!



This post contains affiliate links. While I do get a small payment when people signup though these links, this is the exact method I use and I believe in the products I’m linking to- your trust is worth more to me! 

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Once you have your first 50,000 point signup bonus, you’ll be hooked.

It’s just so… EASY! Right??

Except it isn’t- it can get really confusing figuring out where to go next.

Where do you go from here? How do you get MORE points? How do you keep things from getting out of control and keeping your credit score high?

No worries! With a little more work and a few things to consider, we’ll have you getting the most points possible, and improving your credit!




-Don’t Open Cards Too Quickly. 

Opening a flurry of cards in a short amount of time isn’t well advised. It can mess with your credit report- so I try to only open a new card after a couple months.


-Don’t close cards once your bonus is used up. 

Just don’t. Credit bureaus want to see that you have quite a few accounts open – and when you go to buy a car, a house, open new credit cards, or even get new utilities in your name you need your credit to look GOOD.

Closing accounts can hurt your report, so I only close cards I don’t use in a year, and am very careful to not open cards I wont use on a regular basis.



-Look for a more flexible card. 

If you originally signed up with an airline specific card (like the Chase United cards my husband and I started with), try a flexible card (like my next favorite, the Chase Sapphire.)


View Additional Airline Frequent Flyer Credit Card Offers Here

-Look for a more restrictive card. 

If you signed up with a pretty flexible card, like my favorite – the Chase Sapphire – it’s al great idea to pick another card tied to an airline you use often.

So for me in Denver, I’d pick Frontier, Southwest, or United- since they have a ton of flights our of my airport. (Also, Chase’s United Explorer card has signup bonuses that are often just as great as the Sapphire- AND it gets you a free checked bag, plus priority (B group) boarding!!)

View Additional Airline Frequent Flyer Credit Card Offers Here

-Show some loyalty. 


-Find partner cards. 


-Open a business card. 

View Additional Business Credit Cards here

View Additional Business Credit Cards here
-Open a spouse card. 



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