I need your help! #sweetcsbathremodel

#sweetcsbathremodel help me redesign my master bath!

Sometimes life throws you a curveball- and if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you know we got a big one last week when our master bath suddenly flooded. And to find the leak, we got to cut into our dining room ceiling, demo a toilet, cut out carpet (who carpets a bathroom?? Not a fan and not sad to see it go) and more. It’s been a touch of a nightmare, but I am fully embracing this as an opportunity to turn our bathroom into a space I actually enjoy.

(For those who are wondering- there was no actual leaky pipe- our regulator valve blew, and the toilet and shower at some point decided to spray water everywhere. The floor was ruined, and we have damaged tile/grout as well as shower and toilet… and praying the drywall and floor boards don’t all need to be replaced).

Nothing in our bathroom was bad (sans carpet..) but it’s just not my style. The fixtures were all in decent shape, so I took no interest in replacing them when we are already saving our money to finish our basement, which is a much bigger priority.

So when plumbing-gate 2013 happened, I was a bit caught off guard and now I am stuck on remodel ideas. Instead of rushing to get this done quickly, we’re decided to move into the kids bathroom and find fixtures and design elements we really love while we redo our space.


And that’s where YOU come in!

I want to see your ideas and picks for our master bath. A few things to keep in mind:

-our house is in an area that is selling well, but a middle market. We want to keep fixtures “middle of the line” so we don’t lose money on this renovation (as we might be replacing some things that aren’t covered by insurance).

-we’d love to do some of the renovations ourselves, but have some great friends that are contractors

-the NEEDS: -flooring for the entire master bath including a toilet closet and our master closet which also suffered damaged carpeting; a new toilet; new tiles for the shower and above the bath; a new shower head and fixture; bathroom sinks (unrelated- the basins have chips and I hate the faucets).

-the WANTS: new countertops, new bathroom lights, some kind of pretty window treatment, new shower (ours is totally ugly), pretty solution for the stupid mirror electric plate in the large mirror.


So lets see what you’ve got! Pin your favorite design elements and add the tag #sweetcsbathremodel . I’ll update you with my picks along the way… and be sure to follow me on Pinterest (and my new Master Bath Remodel board) where I will add your pins!

help me design a new master bath #sweetcsbathremodel



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  1. That sucks about your bathroom, but it sounds like you’re putting a positive spin on it, and atleast the repairs will be covered by insurance. I will definitely be pinning some ideas. My pinterest is rootsandrenos – I purchased my first house almost 2 years ago and with my design ideas and my dad’s skill, muscle and creative woodworking ideas did a total remodel. My bathroom is pretty small, but turned out to be probably my favorite room of the house, with the kitchen a close second, so your project excites me!

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