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I'm thankful for you - free chalk printable at sweetcsdesigns

Can you believe the holidays are already coming up upon us? This I’m Thankful For You Chalkboard PrintableĀ is a great, easy and inexpensive way to add a fun touch to your Thanksgiving decor or make a fun thanksgiving card for the people you are most thankful for in life! I know what I am always the most thankful for every year is having my loved ones around… so why not say it with this fun and easy Thanksgiving printable?


This print is sized 8 1/2×11″- you may need to scale it a bit to print on a regular piece of paper so your printer doesnt cut off the edges. You can also easily scale it down into a card size.

These printables look great framed without glass- it looks just like a chalkboard drawing! My cousin also has had some chalk prints turned into cards that she printed at Kinkos and they turned out fabulous. Sometimes my home printer doesn’t always give me the best results, so for under $1 having it printed out for you can sometimes get the best results. I’d also avoid a glossy photo paper -it would look odd on a chalk print.


To download your free printable, please click the link here and your download will begin: Download Im Thankful For You Printable.jpg

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