Jars Turned Color Dipped Party Cups!

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color dipped jars turned party cups- save your old jars and create a fun colorful display at your next party!


I LOVE anything color dipped and have a huge stash of mason jars. Have you noticed? It’s an obsession, really.

Well, the other day I was unloading the dishwasher, lamenting my husband’s habit of putting EVERYTHING in there. Cottage cheese containers, plastic tubs we will NEVER use, and jars. Tons and tons of jars.

Jars for pickles. Jars for spaghetti sauce. Jars for sauces, dips, you name it. I was taking them out and placing them on the counter when I realized- HEY! THESE ARE MASON JARS! And Atlas jars! And Kerr jars!

The same darn jars I buy in sets for $$. Seriously. Talk about a what the heck have I been thinking moment- I am totally lazy and just throw them away (I know, I am totally wasteful… and ashamed).

So I took the jars and found a great way to remove the labels so I could turn them into fabulous color dipped party glasses- and I am showing you how you can, too!

Don't throw away spaghetti and pickle jars- turn them into color dipped party cups! Such a great idea to save money- never buy a mason jar again! Also tell how to get the labels and gook off!

First off, we need to remove the labels. They can get totally gunky. If your jar’s label doesnt come off in the dishwasher, pop it into a large bowl with PBW (found at homebrew stores), Barkeeper’s Friend, or a good healthy few scoops of Oxyclean. Be sure to check the label of the cleaner you use to see if you need to wear gloves.

Let them soak overnight.

In the morning, simply wipe the label off with a damp cloth or paper towel. How easy is that?

Let your jars dry, and then grab your paints. I am using Martha Stewart paints by Plaid Crafts- I LOVE Martha’s colors.

Instead of actual dipping, I wanted to save some of my paint and do a faux-dip. I just squeezed a very generous amount of paint on the jar and used a foam brush to paint the bottom. I made it totally uneven- to replicate a “dipped” look. LOVE it! You could always use some washi tape or painters tape to make stripes or shapes though!

Let the jars dry overnight, and the bust them out at your next party! If you’d like to machine wash them, Martha’s All Surface acrylic paints need to cure for 20+ days to become dishwasher safe. After that, the paint shouldn’t chip or fade even in the dishwasher!

turn old jars into beautiful and bright party cups! This is such a fun idea, and you can use stuff you already have on hand!