Know Your Lenses: iPhone Lenses

iphone lenses macro telephoto and fish eye


Who here has an iPhone/smartphone and sometimes uses it with the intention of taking gorgeous photographs? Who here thinks I am crazy for raising my hand?

I know… phones arent known for taking great photos. But you really CAN take awesome photos with your smartphones, y’all. From travel pics to candid and fun shots, to yes- even blog and product photography, you can get some rockin’ results right off your phone.

One of the ways we’re going to look at improving phone-ography is through external lenses.

Yep… magnetic lenses you can affix right onto your phones camera to give you awesome effects!


The 3 common lens types are:


-Macro (Wide Angle)

-Fish Eye

I’ve taken 4 unedited photos (of my lovely Nest of Posies made bag) to show you the differences in lenses. All were taken at the same spot and angle- except for the macro pancake on the wide angle lens, which must be held right next to the object to be in focus.

Zoom is pretty self explanatory. The 2x zoom gives you a little telephoto effect (because let’s face it- the built in zoom functions on phones just make pictures look pixelated and funky).

love your iPhone camera with magnetic lenses - 2x zoom

Macro/Wide Angle are two lenses in one. Wide angle makes it easier to take photos of a larger area with a rounded lens, and macro helps you zoom in on small objects. This is my lens of choice for food-ography- and simply unscrew the macro ring for the wide angle lens that takes wonderful photos of whole rooms.

With both screwed together:

love your iPhone camera with magnetic lenses - Macro/Wide Angle lens


With the macro “pancake” unscrewed and on its own:

love your iPhone camera with magnetic lenses - Macro Lens

Fish Eye is a fun, funky and WIDE lens. Your picture will look… well… like you’re looking out of fish eyes! It gives the whole photo a circle shape and fits in very wide shots. While not the best for product/blog photography, and really akward for portraits (fish eye lenses by nature distort the image- which is not usually something people want in a picture of their face…) it makes some cool travel photos possible and unique, artistic shots you’d never be able to get otherwise.

love your iPhone camera with magnetic lenses - Fish Eye Lens

You can buy smartphone lenses at a variety of places, including:

Photojojo (the source of the lenses pictured)


Holga (get lo-fi results without an app!!!)

The iPhone lens dial

And if you scour Amazon and Ebay, there are some other super fun lens options.

Have you tried any of these? What is your favorite?

**This is not a sponsored post. Photographs of the lenses are from all rights reserved.**


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10 thoughts on “Know Your Lenses: iPhone Lenses”

    1. Thank you malia! I never know if I am giving enough info or too much (it can be so overwhelming and then when you start to get it, you can’t get enough) so I really appreciate your comment 😉

    1. Kathy- they are so much fun! Now I just need to go over to otterbox (their headquarters is near my house) and urge them to make a cover that fits the lenses because I want to use them more often!

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