Lighted Poinsettia Wreath Tutorial

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lighted poinsettia wreath

This project was something I have been putting off for a while… but it is quickly becoming one of my favorite additions to my Christmas decor.

I LOVE white poinsettias, and white Christmas lights. I also love gold sparkles and wreaths. I decided to combine them all together to add a little drama to the middle of our dining room window- whose gorgeous shimmery gold drapes I always seem to keep shut. Sure- they are pretty- but they are kind of blah. This wreath is just what I needed for a little pizzaz!

I don’t know if I will be able to take it down when Christmas is over, I love it so much. But it was so incredibly easy to make- and easy to change out with a different flower- so I might just start making it a rotating seasonal thing!

To make your own, you’ll need:

large round wire wreath form

four sparkly white poinsettia bushes

four solid white poinsettia bushes

wired gold glitter ribbon (from the floral section of Joann’s)

a strand of white christmas lights, preferably with a white cord

yarn and scissors


To start, I pulled all of the flowers off their plastic stems. Just give the base of the flower heads a tug and they will pop right off. Lay them out along the wreath form to get an idea of where you’d like them to be placed.

When you have them all laid out, take small pieces of string and tie the flowers down onto the wreath frame, one by one. This goes very quickly- but you’ll want to be sure you tie them in a tight knot.


When all of your flowers are tied onto your frame, and you are happy with the coverage, drape the lights around the length of the frame, looping them around a couple of times (basically you’ll trace the outline of the back of the frame with the lights).

When you’ve wrapped the lights all the way around (leaving the plug-in at the top of the frame so it is easily accessible) go back over and tie down all the lights as you did the flowers.


Trim any excess yarn so no strings are showing, and adjust any flowers you need to be sure the wreath looks evenly filled.

Add a ribbon at the top and hang from a curtain rod over drapes- or from a doorway- anywhere you can hide the wires.

I love the way the lights make this wreath glow at night… it is so beautiful. And it makes our dining room shine!

To change this up for other seasons, all I will need to do is untie the flowers and add new ones on- I don’t have to buy a new wreath frame or re-string the lights.I already have something special planned for Valentines day- can’t wait!

So easy!

backlight white poinsettia

I have a few touches left to put on my table for Christmas, and then I’ll add a pic of the whole room- it is lovely!

glowing glitter lighted white poinsettia wreath

What are some of your favorite festive touches??

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